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Commercial Cleaning in Newcastle

Here at Cklip we pride ourselves on our professional and thorough attitude to all manner of commercial cleaning in Newcastle and all over the North East.

We have continually delivered a service which is second to none, securing many long-term cleaning contracts, as we strive to be one of the most highly respected contract cleaning companies in the North East. Catering for a client base from a wide spectrum of sectors including public, local authority, private offices and factories.

We can offer daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one off services, with an established work force who have worked within the industry for a number of years and have a proven track record demonstrating professional integrity.

All of our staff are selected to have good local knowledge and are regularly reviewed to ensure that their standards meet all expectations and form good client relationships. It is our duty to insure that all of our staff are provided with the latest industry training for the best cleaning practices and to maintain hygiene standards.

“If you are considering outsourcing your cleaning services, our expertise and attention to detail, means that we can increase efficiencies, lower costs and improve performance” – Lynsey Carroll, Director



WORKING WITH CKLIP CLEANINGYour new commercial cleaner

  • Family owned

    We are family owned and based in the North East.

  • Skilled Staff

    We know that quality and continuity are essential.

  • Competitive pricing

    Save time and money with a single service supplier.

  • Quality

    We endeavour to maintain our value to quality.

  • Responsibility

    We understand and accept our responsibilities.

  • Efficiency

    We operate efficiently and productively at all times.

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