Window Cleaning in Newcastle


The traditional method of window cleaning is by far the best way of cleaning, as the windows are left clean, dry and any dirty water is wiped away. This is done with our window cleaner applying a cleaning solution to the window with an applicator and then cleaning it off manually with the use of a squeegee, we then wipe down the window sills, ledges and frames with a clean cloth, leaving a perfectly clean window every time. We use this method for all our internal and external ground floor cleaning.


Reach and wash window cleaning uses the latest technology in pure water cleaning which has revolutionized the industry over recent years. Reach and wash window cleaning with de-ionised filtered water has reduced the need for traditional cleaning methods, which were usually performed from a ladder. The result is an effective and safer delivery of service without leaving the ground.


At Cklip Window Cleaning we use the latest systems which provide us with pure filtered water to achieve perfect results. The soft bristle brush removes dirt particles and smears on the glass, whilst the pure water can be left to dry naturally without leaving water stains.

The water in the storage tank is 100% purified, which significantly enhances its cleaning properties. A stream of plain H20 is an incredibly effective way to bring windows to a pristine state. The science behind the whole process is that the pure water molecules easily connect with any dirt that resides on the glass surfaces and dislodges it. We will make sure your windows are kept consistently clean and will ensure we not only clean your windows, but also your frames, sills and ledges, to make sure they are free from dirt and debris.

Through the latest lightweight telescopic poles, the water is pumped up to the brush head to clean windows up to heights in excess of 65 feet (20.5 metres), well above the height of any ladder.


• Both windows and frames cleaned each and every time
• Window cleaning up to a height of 67ft (approx. 20.5 metres)
• No need for ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers
• Reduced health and safety risks
• Cleans windows, UPVC, facades, glass roofs, panelling and cladding
• Operators work from the safety of the ground
• Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
• Maintains privacy and reduces disturbances
• Reach and wash window cleaning saves money

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