Innovation from P-Wave


Air-freshening innovator P-Wave has launched a new fragrance diffuser range under its recently created PW-Aroma brand, produced in partnership with manufacturer Carpex, the Scentaura range of fragrance diffusers are ergonomically designed, discrete & user friendly

The Scentaura & Scentaura BT units have three scent diffusion levels, delivering coverage up to 200m3, the standard Scentaura unit is controlled via a panel below the front cover, but the Scentaura BT adds bluetooth control & advanced programming via a smartphone or tablet

Available in black or white, the Scentaura & Scentaura BT fragrance diffusers can be mounted on walls or flat surfaces, the 50ml Aroma cartridges are effective for up to 90 days 

Completing the range is the Scentaura Max 1200 which has coverage of up to 1200m3 & is effective in large areas, available in three colours, white, claret & black & two sizes, 1200L (630mm tall) & 1200S (420mm tall), Scentaura Max 1200 features a digital display with 24-hour operation, it includes fully adjustable start/stop, diffusion & stand-by intervals as well as a weekend on/off function

Basil & Citrus is ideal for offices, banks, spas & health clubs, giving a feeling of freshness with basil & citrus notes & an aromatic heart, finishing with robust amber & woody notes. Suitable for hotels, offices, banks, showrooms & shopping areas, Big Boss makes a fresh introduction with bergamot & lavender, blended with cinnamon, aniseed & jasmine, then delivers confidence with its classic musky base note

Ideal for cafés, restaurants & hotels, Cute delivers a floral & fruity scent designed to surround you with positive feelings, a simple mango, nectarine & blood orange introduction is met with a complex heart of lotus, apple, raspberry & water lily, while musk, coconut & sandalwood bring home a perfect finish, aimed at offices, hotels & spas, Noble Garden delivers a fresh garden experience thanks to floral & green notes, a bergamot, lime, grass & mint opening continues with rose, peony & geranium, finishing with cedar wood & fruity musk

Oriental Blossom is suitable for offices, cafés & restaurants, banks, showrooms, shopping areas & hotels, with a fresh marine & floral scent that conjures up images of the beach, a geranium, jasmine & lily of the valley heart blends into a soft & long-lasting ending with crystalline musk, Finally, White Jasmine is aimed at shopping areas & hotels, offering a delicate fragrance with floral characteristics which begin with mystic jasmine & aromatic lavender, followed by a heart of honeysuckle & ylang ylang & end with white musk