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The Bridge, Student Accommodation

Adderstone Group, in collaboration with Brims Construction, successfully accomplished the construction of Nido The Bridge, a remarkable student accommodation facility consisting of 331 bedrooms. The development, completed in 2018, was commissioned by US investment firm Starwood Capital.

Nestled in Shieldfield, the vibrant heart of Newcastle, The Bridge stands tall as an eight-storey architectural marvel, exuding excellence and sophistication. Its primary purpose is to provide top-tier housing for students, ensuring their comfort and convenience throughout their academic journey. The facility boasts a meticulously designed interior, with the 331 beds thoughtfully distributed among 91 studios and 38 cluster flats.

The accommodation complex encompasses an array of amenities that cater to the diverse needs and interests of its residents. Upon entering, students are greeted by a welcoming lounge area, setting the tone for a warm and inviting environment. For those seeking entertainment and recreation, a dedicated games room offers a space to unwind and engage in friendly competition.

Recognising the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle, The Bridge also features a fully equipped fitness suite, encouraging physical activity and well-being. Additionally, residents have access to laundry facilities, ensuring their clothing and personal items always remain fresh and clean.

Promoting a sense of community and fostering social connections, the development includes two dinner party rooms where students can host gatherings and enjoy communal meals together. For those seeking a quiet and conducive environment for studying, a dedicated study room is available, offering a serene setting for academic pursuits.

To further enhance the living experience, a cinema room has been thoughtfully incorporated into the design, providing an immersive entertainment space for movie nights and shared experiences. Moreover, an outdoor amenity area features picnic tables, offering a picturesque spot for students to relax, socialise and enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, cycle stores are provided to encourage sustainable transportation options among the residents.

Strategically located near Northumbria University, Newcastle University and Newcastle’s iconic quayside, The Bridge offers unparalleled convenience to its residents. Its prime location ensures easy access to educational institutions as well as the vibrant cultural and social scene that the city has to offer.

With an investment value of £18,000,000, Nido The Bridge exemplifies the commitment of Adderstone Group and its partners to delivering exceptional student accommodations that prioritise comfort, functionality and an enriching living experience.

Brims Construction was entrusted by Adderstone Group to undertake the construction of the new student accommodation complex at 50-54 Union Street, Newcastle. This ambitious project, with a construction value of £13.5 million, encompasses an eight-storey residential scheme that is poised to become a landmark in the Upper Ouseburn area of Newcastle.

Situated at the intersection of Stoddart Street and Union Street, the new development occupies the site where the once derelict PTS plumbing building stood. Through planning and expert craftsmanship, Brims Construction transformed this former eyesore into a modern, vibrant and architecturally impressive student residential complex.

As with their previous collaborations, the Adderstone Group and Brims Construction are committed to upholding the highest standards of construction and design, ensuring that the new development on Union Street will not only meet the housing needs of students but also contribute to the revitalisation and rejuvenation of the surrounding community.


Nestled in the vibrant city of Newcastle, The Bridge stands as one of three prestigious Nido student communities, providing a dynamic and inclusive environment that caters to the diverse needs of students. Its strategic location ensures effortless accessibility, with Northumbria University just a short 10-minute walk away and Newcastle University a mere 20-minute stroll, making it an ideal choice for those seeking proximity to their academic institutions.

Nido The Bridge offers an extensive selection of accommodation options, designed to prioritise comfort and convenience. With seven distinct room types available, students can choose according to their personal preferences and requirements. The Classic Ensuite rooms feature a shared kitchen, an ensuite bathroom and a snug double bed, providing a cosy living space with room sizes ranging from 11 to 14 square meters. For those desiring more space, the Premium Ensuite rooms offer larger areas of 14 to 17 square meters while still providing shared kitchen facilities and a comfortable double bed.

The Classic Studio option offers students a private kitchen, an ensuite bathroom, a double bed and even a TV, creating a self-contained living space with room sizes ranging from 12 to 18 square meters. For a touch of luxury, the Deluxe Ensuite rooms provide a shared kitchen, an ensuite bathroom, a double bed and a balcony, allowing students to enjoy their own private outdoor space. These rooms typically span from 11 to 14 square meters in size.

For those seeking even more spacious accommodations, the Premium Studio rooms offer a private kitchen, an ensuite bathroom, a double bed and a TV, providing a generous room size of 19 square meters. The Deluxe Plus Ensuite rooms, ranging from 16 square meters, feature a shared kitchen, an ensuite bathroom, a double bed and a balcony, offering a stylish and comfortable living environment. Finally, the Deluxe Studio option boasts a private kitchen, an ensuite bathroom, a double bed, a TV and a balcony, with room sizes ranging from 18 to 19 square meters, providing ample space for students to relax and unwind.

At Nido The Bridge, every space is thoughtfully furnished, ensuring that students have everything they need for a comfortable stay. Sustainability is a key consideration, with accommodations featuring eco-friendly elements. Community spaces are thoughtfully designed to foster a sense of belonging and encourage interaction among residents. The laundry room provides convenient access to laundry facilities, simplifying the daily routines of students. Social spaces are available for relaxation and socialising, allowing students to connect with their peers and build lasting friendships. Dedicated study areas offer a tranquil environment for academic pursuits, providing students with a conducive space for focused learning. For entertainment purposes, a cinema room is available, offering a space for students to enjoy movies and shared experiences. Additionally, bike storage facilities promote sustainable transportation options, encouraging students to embrace eco-friendly commuting methods.

With its comprehensive range of amenities and furnished living spaces, Nido The Bridge presents students with a complete package for a fulfilling and enriching university experience. From comfortable accommodations to communal areas designed to foster connections and a focus on sustainability, Nido The Bridge is dedicated to providing students with a welcoming and vibrant home during their academic journey in Newcastle.

Analysis: Site Visit

In preparation for the commencement of the project, our diligent project manager and experienced cleaning supervisor conducted a thorough site visit. This visit served as an essential step to assess the condition of the site and gather crucial information. The team surveyed the premises, evaluating various aspects and taking detailed notes. This comprehensive analysis allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the site’s specific requirements, enabling the development of a tailored cleaning plan.

During the site visit, the project manager and cleaning supervisor inspected the entirety of the facility, paying close attention to both the interior and exterior spaces. They carefully observed the construction progress, assessing the overall cleanliness and identifying any areas that required special attention. Their keen eye for detail ensured that no aspect was overlooked, guaranteeing that every corner of The Bridge would receive the necessary care and cleaning treatment.

Furthermore, the team examined the specific cleaning needs of different areas within the complex. They assessed the condition of the common areas, including the reception, lounge, study rooms, fitness suite, cinema room and other shared spaces. They also inspected the individual living units, such as the various room types, kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, to determine the specific cleaning requirements for each.

The site visit played a crucial role in gathering essential data and insights that would inform the subsequent cleaning procedures. It provided the project manager and cleaning supervisor with a comprehensive understanding of the site’s layout, construction progress and unique cleaning challenges. Armed with this knowledge, they were able to develop a cleaning plan tailored to The Bridge’s specific needs.

By conducting a thorough site visit and analysis, our team demonstrated a commitment to excellence and planning. This diligent approach laid the foundation for the subsequent cleaning operations, ensuring that The Bridge would be delivered to its occupants in pristine condition, ready to provide a comfortable and hygienic living environment.

Planning: Site Survey

Considering the complex nature of the project, thorough planning and execution were paramount. Given that the cleaning operations needed to be carried out while the building contractors were still present on site, stringent risk assessments and method statements were conducted to ensure the safety and well-being of all operatives involved. The safety protocols adhered to industry standards and guidelines, prioritising the health and security of the workers.

As part of the planning phase, it was imperative to have a competent workforce equipped with the necessary certifications and training. All cleaning operatives were required to possess CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) cards, indicating their proficiency and competence in their respective roles. In addition, the cleaning contractor provided evidence of their compliance with recognised health and safety accreditation schemes, including CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold certification. These certifications served as a testament to the contractor’s commitment to maintaining high safety standards and professionalism.

To ensure a streamlined and efficient cleaning process, it was agreed upon that the cleaning works would be completed in several phases. This approach allowed for proper coordination with the construction schedule and minimised disruptions to ongoing activities. Each phase was carefully planned, taking into consideration the specific areas and tasks that needed to be addressed. This phased approach enabled a systematic and thorough cleaning process, ensuring that every nook and cranny of The Bridge would be cleaned and polished.

By conducting comprehensive risk assessments, providing the necessary certifications and implementing a well-structured phased approach, the planning phase laid the groundwork for a safe, organised and successful cleaning operation. These preparations demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards of health and safety, ensuring that both the cleaning operatives and other workers on site could carry out their duties in a secure environment.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

Given the ongoing construction activities at Nido The Bridge, each of its eight floors was still occupied by building contractors. The builders clean was planned over a span of eight weeks, with a dedicated team of eight operatives led by a supervisor. Collaborating closely with Brims, we carefully coordinated the cleaning schedule to align with the completion of each floor. This approach allowed us to systematically progress through the building, ensuring that each area received the attention it required.

The builders clean encompassed a comprehensive range of tasks to transform the interior spaces into immaculate environments. Our skilled operatives diligently focused on various elements, including internal glazing, sills and frames. They removed any excess paint, mortar, concrete and stickers, leaving no traces of construction debris behind. Attention was also paid to dusting ceilings, wiping walls, skirting boards and cleaning all surfaces to eliminate any residual dust or plaster. Our experienced operatives, holding CSCS qualifications, demonstrated their expertise in carefully removing protective coverings from flooring and surfaces, ensuring their pristine condition.

Additionally, they dedicated efforts to eliminate any residue from toilets and kitchens, guaranteeing a hygienic and fresh environment. To complete the process, all flooring underwent thorough vacuuming, hand-cleaning and mopping.

The exterior windows of Nido The Bridge posed a particular challenge due to the ongoing construction work. Accumulations of dust and mortar had taken hold on the windows, necessitating immediate attention. Our specialised window cleaning team undertook the task of cleaning the external windows throughout the construction process. Prioritising site safety, we implemented strict measures, especially for areas close to passers-by and road users. To ensure efficient access to all areas, including hard-to-reach spots, we utilised Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) provided by Brims. This strategic decision allowed our highly trained operatives to move seamlessly throughout the property, ensuring every window received cleaning and the highest standard of clarity.

Following the builders clean, we turned our attention to the sparkle clean phase, scheduled over a four-week period. With a team of six operatives led by a supervisor, we executed this final cleaning phase. Close collaboration with Brims enabled us to determine the completion of all snagging activities, allowing us to plan the sparkle clean accordingly. The focus of this phase was to add the finishing touches to the interior spaces, ensuring a pristine and inviting atmosphere for future residents.

Throughout the implementation of the cleaning operations at The Bridge (Nido), our commitment to excellence, meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols remained unwavering. The collective efforts of Cklip Commercial Cleaning and Brims resulted in the successful completion of the assigned cleaning tasks, guaranteeing the utmost cleanliness and readiness of the student accommodation. The dedication and expertise of our skilled operatives, combined with strategic coordination and planning, ensured that Nido The Bridge exuded an exceptional standard of cleanliness, setting the stage for a truly remarkable student living experience.

Review: Hand Over

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Cklip’s management team was present on-site daily, overseeing the cleaning operations. Their hands-on approach involved organising staff, providing valuable suggestions and directing operations to achieve optimal working practices. Effective communication channels were established with the site manager and tradespeople on-site, ensuring seamless collaboration and timely completion of the cleaning tasks.

Benefiting from their established presence in the industry since 2014, Cklip Commercial Cleaning possessed a robust infrastructure and well-defined procedures, enabling them to execute the project with efficiency and minimal disruption. Their extensive experience in builders cleaning instilled confidence in Brims, who recognised Cklip as a reliable partner capable of delivering exceptional results.

As a longstanding customer, Brims expressed their utmost satisfaction with the services provided by Cklip. All cleaning requirements were handled with professionalism, adhering strictly to Health and Safety guidelines. The collaborative efforts between Brims and Cklip ensured that the cleaning operations were executed to the highest standards, leaving no room for compromise.

For further insights into Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s comprehensive builders cleaning solutions, we invite you to visit our dedicated builders cleaning page. There, you can discover more about our expertise in this domain and the approach we undertake to deliver outstanding results. If you would like to explore our services or schedule a free site visit to discuss your specific cleaning needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide the solutions that meet your requirements.