Easiair® 2020


In some jobs, it simply isn’t possible to remain socially distant from others.

As the country tries to adapt to living with the constant threat of Coronavirus, personal protective equipment (PPE) has come to the forefront of everybody’s mind.

However, traditional disposable tight-fitting respirator masks aren’t suitable for everyone, nor every task.

Tight-fitting respirators require fit testing

Negative pressure tight-fitting RPE, work by forming a tight seal between the wearer and the mask. When the wearer breathes in, air is sucked in through the filtering material and the wearer breathes in clean, filtered air. If a proper seal isn’t formed, a leak will occur and the user will breathe in contaminants from the atmosphere.

To ensure a seal can be formed, it is a legal requirement that anyone needing to wear tight-fitting RPE for work must be fit tested on that specific make or model. This even applies to disposable FFP2/3 masks used for protection against COVID-19.

Tight-fitting respirators aren’t suitable for everyone

Another potential issue you may find with using tight-fitting respirators is that they won’t be suitable for everyone.

In order to form a good seal, in addition to being fit tested on the specific make or model of a tight-fitting respirator, the individual must be clean shaven in the areas of the seal, as even a day’s worth of facial hair can seriously impact the effectiveness of the seal.

Not only this, but no single mask make or model will fit every person. Therefore, to comply with the law, many organisations need to keep stock of multiple lines of masks and keep track of who has passed a fit test on which type.

Tight-fitting respirators aren’t designed for prolonged use

Tight-fitting respirator masks are not intended to be worn for extended periods, usually with recommended wear times of no more than 1 hour.

While a tight-fitting respirator that is appropriate for the hazard (adequate) and has been fit tested (suitable), should protect the wearer from breathing in harmful particles, they can be uncomfortable to wear, cause irritations, sores and be difficult to breath in with prolonged use.

Difficult to find

Perhaps the largest barrier to equipping your workforce with tight-fitting respirators right now, however, is that they are currently in very low supply. This has led to an influx of counterfeit and non-authorised face-masks appearing on the market, including fraudulent N95s and KN95s.

Even if you are able to find a steady supply of adequate and suitable masks and filters, there is then the added complication of fit testing, as fit testing products are also largely in short supply too.

So, what is the solution

Introducing the Easiair® 2020 Powered Air Purfiying Respirator kit.

Produced by the experts at Full Support Healthcare Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of RPE to the NHS, the Easiair® 2020 is a lightweight, easy-to-use, respiratory protective system specifically designed to protect against viruses and particulate hazards, offering the highest level of TH3 PR SL (P3) protection.

Clean air for all

Its loose-fitting hood and powered air design relies on a constant supply of positive pressure, meaning no tight-fitting seal and no fit testing. Its loose-fitting seal around the neck is suitable even for those who would be unable to wear tight-fitting RPE, such as people with beards.

Equipped with a P R SL (P3) filter and a TH3 reusable hood-piece, the Easiair® 2020 provides virus and particulate protection at an assigned protection factor (APF) of 40 – 2x, that of a traditional FFP3 respirator mask.

Ultimate comfort

The constant supply of filtered air to the user makes breathing a breeze. Coupled with an 11-hour battery life and no tight straps across the face or around the ears, the Easiair® 2020 is able to be worn comfortably for a whole shift.

Unlike tight-fitting masks, which can make users uncomfortable, sore and hot, with extended use, the Easiair®’s constant flow of air and head-supported harness actually helps to cool you down, ideal for when you’re having to wear extra layers of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Total protection

With its inbuilt, impact and splash resistant visor, the hood piece provides additional eye and face protection, essential for protection against COVID-19.

Complete flexibility

Fully compatible with single-use and reusable hoods, you can build your Easiair® 2020 kit to meet your specific needs. Disposable hose covers, spare batteries and additional filters are also available on request.