INEOS Hand Gel


INEOS, one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, has today announced plans to produce 1 million hand sanitisers per month to help with the European shortage. These will be produced according to World Health Organisation specifications and be specifically designed to kill bacteria and viruses.

INEOS is a leading European producer of the two key raw materials needed for sanitisers, isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and ethanol. The company is already running these plants flat out and have been diverting more of this product to essential medical use and will now build two new factories to make hand sanitiser from them.

INEOS intends to produce both standard and the increasingly popular “pocket bottle” hand sanitisers and is already talking to retail outlets across Europe. Supplies to NHS hospitals will be free of charge for the period of the crisis, with the public being able to purchase bottles through retailers.
INEOS takes its corporate and social responsibilities extremely seriously, its products are essential to the production of essential healthcare products, from rubber gloves to PVC saline drips, syringes, ventilators and medical tubing. Its products purify the public drinking water. It produces raw materials for soap, acetone for aspirin and paracetamol and its phenol is being used in pharmaceutical analysis essential in procedures necessary to find a vaccine.