Kassow Robots


Opening up further applications for human-robot collaboration (HRC), including sectors such as the metal industry where high payloads are essential, Kassow Robots has launched two new 7-axis collaborative robots.
The Danish startup’s portfolio now includes four 7-axis cobots; the KR 810 (reach 850mm, payload 10kg) and KR 1205 (1200mm, 5kg), both introduced in 2019 and the two new models, KR 1805 (1800mm, 5 kg) and KR 1410 (1400mm, 10kg).

The cobots all have three ports, including a data/Ethernet connection to enable easy working. Kassow fits all four cobot models with three ports as standard, with various I/Os and power supply signals. 

Two of the ports are for digital or analogue input/output. The third port enables a direct data/Ethernet connection with the controller. This way customers can, for example, connect camera solutions or Modbus TCP directly to the robot via the intelligent end-of-arm tool interface. This means that the cable does not have to run along the robot arm externally. 
All cobots from the Danish manufacturer have an end-of-arm tool with a free drive button, making it easy to program waypoints.