Retail and leisure cleaning services

from cklip, the North East’s premier commercial cleaning company

A customers confidence in a retail or leisure environment is built upon their first impression of the premises and will play a large part in setting their expectations of the service they are likely to receive.

Our experience in this sector helps us to work in partnership with each business to help make their customers experience as positive as possible so that they maintain an excellent brand image.

Seasonal footfall trends have a huge impact in the retail industry and being prepared for these periods allows your business to maximise every opportunity. Our priority is to deliver a clean, safe and welcoming setting for your staff to work in and your clientele to enjoy.

To complement our general cleaning services, cklip cleaning services also offers a range of periodic additional services to enhance the appearance of your premises, such as window cleaning, hard floor machine cleaning, buffing, high level cleaning and washroom services.

Industry Accreditation

Cklip commercial cleaning