Makitauk Cordless Vacuums


Cordless vacuums offer a raft of benefits in terms of ergonomics, health & safety, in recent years, developments in battery technology have meant they now offer the power required for commercial or industrial environments, with Makita’s new 18V LXT Brushless Vacuum Cleaner (DVC750LZ) & 12Vmax CXT Vacuum Cleaner (CL121D), dust & dirt can be easily removed, these cordless machines are powered by Makita’s Li-ion batteries, providing increased flexibility 

The DVC750LZ is a powerful vacuum that can remove up to 99.0% of dust, it is suitable for L-Class dust types, which includes house dust & can be used for both wet & dry material 

For smaller tasks or for accessing tight spaces, the 12Vmax Vacuum Cleaner (CL121D) offers a lightweight & compact solution that can pick up 500ml of dust with a cloth bag or 330ml with a paper bag, the vacuum is available as a cost-effective body only machine if you already have Makita CXT batteries & charger (CL121DZ) or can be purchased with a 2Ah battery & charger (CL121DWA)

Both the DVC750LZ & CL121D also include a number of settings & a blower function, to ensure that they can be set to the necessary requirements for a number of different tasks, from cleaning commercial spaces, to vehicle interiors, the DVC750LZ (body only model) is also available with a wide range of accessories for use across a number of applications & the on-tool storage for the vacuum’s flexible hose ensures it can be packed away neatly