Method Recycling Station


Recycling, waste and the environment are some of the most talked about topics in the country at the moment. While most of us make the effort to recycle at home it’s often overlooked in the workplace. So, Method has designed a system to change recycling behaviours.

With tightening regulations and customer preference turning to organisations with sustainable practice recycling effectively is a great way for organisations to improve their environmental footprint.

Method are the makers of visible, flexible and beautiful recycling bins designed to optimise recycling and waste for the modern workplace. Years of research went into designing a system that is well rounded and benefits all those involved in the waste and recycling process of a facility.

Methods beautiful bins are placed together to create flexible recycling stations that can easily be adapted to the needs of your facility. They have bright colour coded lids with clear labels that help to make recycling an unconscious habit through regular interaction with the user friendly bins.
Method’s bins come in two sizes 60L and 20L, so that recycling and waste is consistent and convenient in all areas of your building. The Sixties are designed for open plan spaces such as the office floor, large kitchens, foyers or event spaces. While the Twenties are for smaller spaces such as board or conference rooms, studios, kitchenettes, or any where you currently have a lone dust bin.

The bins are designed to be out in the open in modern environments. Being visible and a key part of workplace design the bins divert more waste by reinforcing accountability, Method has found this is one of the key factors for success. When they are visible, individuals are more likely to consider where their waste goes, even subconsciously.

With Method’s communal stations, organisations save time and money over the course of a year with fewer bins and liners to purchase and service. As well as the reduced costs of waste disposal with increased recycling rates.
Further, the organisation can visibly assert their sustainability efforts. Waste management providers receive waste that has been accurately sorted and users are united by a common mission improving recycling at work and subsequently at home.

The innovative bins can be found in influential facilities around the world including Foster + Partners, the Sydney Cricket Ground, MYO, Qantas, Xero, the Design Council (UK) and many more. All of these facilities have unique requirements for waste and recycling, however, Method’s adaptable system has seen them all recycle more and waste less, effortlessly.

Best yet, Method’s bins are made from 50% recycled materials and are fully recyclable at the end of their life,  in a circular fashion, meaning they can be made into bins again and again.