Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment have had an important evolution. In the beginning, they were exclusively designed for protection not taking into consideration comfort and pleasant appearance, elements that today are increasingly requested by the end users. Today safety glasses are a must not only for workers, but also for everyone in production environments, managers, architects, surveyors and visitors, as such environments are characterised by the presence of risk areas.

These are new end-users for the PPE market that pay more attention to appearance because it’s part of their professional image. The level of protection changes too, because there are new elements potentially harmful, for example, the blue light emitted from computers, tablets, smartphones and led lighting systems, that in prolonged use without correct protection can damage the eye.

The Fashion Safety Glasses project changes the concept of safety glasses and resonates Univet’s mission to create glamorous and comfortable PPE so that more people start caring for their eyes. An iconic style that reveals not only class and elegance, but also a bond with a legendary past and a prestigious manufacture. The balance between colour, shape and light represents the essence of Contemporary philosophy.

  • Contemporary combines elegance and style in protection,
    Light and extremely tough.
  • Integrated transparent shield.
  • The frame is painted with a shaded effect in Honey, Stone, Amethyst and Diamond colours.
  • Contemporary is made of PA12 Nylon and is therefore devoid of metallic components.
  • Glossy varnish with shaded effect.

Available with Safety Blue Block and Clear KN lenses, with anti-fog and anti-scratch ultra performing Vanguard PLUS treatment.

The Safety lens with Blue Block filter is created to protect the eyes from the blue light emitted by tablets, smartphones and monitors, as well as from LED artificial lighting. It reduces visual fatigue and allows a clearer vision.
The Safety Clear KN lens protects from impacts thanks to a unique combination of toughness, optical transparency and rigidity. It is provided with the ultra performance coating, anti-fog and anti-scratch Vanguard Plus. It can be employed for prolonged use as it does not create distortions and allows a correct color perception, sensibly reducing visual fatigue.
Contemporary is also available with prescription lenses, enabling those who need vision correction to work in total safety.

The prescription lenses can be supplied as Monofocal, Bifocal, Progressive and Blue Block.

Contemporary glasses are classified as II category PPE and are EN166 certified. The lenses are custom made considering the characteristics of each user with the prestigious “Made in Italy” Univet manufacture.