Renovotec ProGlove MARK


Renovotec is introducing a ‘try before you buy’ scheme for the ProGlove family of wearable barcode scanners. Under the scheme, manufacturing and logistics users can trial a ProGlove MARK wearable scanner for three months before buying, renting or returning it.

Hands-free ProGlove scanners are matchbox size and are said by ProGlove to be the world’s smallest and lightest, saving workers a weight lift of up to 1.5 metric tons per shift and per worker. 

Worn on the back of the hand, the devices can cut scanning time by up to four seconds and reduce picking errors by up to 33% because of ProGlove’s worker feedback. A combined optic, acoustic and haptic alert tells the worker immediately whether they have picked the right item, ensuring process reliability.

Internationally, ProGlove users already include Audi, BMW, Bosch and Lufthansa Technik.