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Cklip Commercial Cleaning specialises in daily cleaning services for retail and leisure businesses in Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and nearby areas. Since 2014, we have provided custom solutions for the North East’s retail and leisure sector, creating clean, safe and inviting environments. With extensive industry experience, we develop tailored cleaning packages that meet each business’s unique requirements, ensuring a positive customer experience. Our comprehensive services cover gyms, leisure centres, retail stores and more. Contact us for a complimentary quotation and experience our dedication to superior cleaning solutions that enhance your retail and leisure spaces.

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Our Services: Creating Pristine Environments for Retail & Leisure Spaces

Cklip provides comprehensive daily cleaning services for retail and leisure establishments, ensuring a pristine environment. We clean floors, furniture, washrooms, kitchens and more, maintaining cleanliness and organisation. With meticulous attention to detail, we disinfect crucial areas such as checkout counters, sports equipment and changing rooms. Our services extend to reception areas, offices, saunas, cafes and more. We offer spot cleaning, bin maintenance, surface disinfection, periodic equipment cleaning and external cleaning services. Cklip is dedicated to creating a sterile and hygienic environment for your retail and leisure spaces.

Elevating Your Premises with Customised Cleaning Services

Cklip Commercial Cleaning goes beyond daily cleaning to offer services that enhance your premises. We specialise in the following:

  • Hard floor machine cleaning: We specialise in thorough cleaning to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your hard floors.
  • Buffing: Our skilled team provides professional buffing services, leaving your floors with a remarkable shine.
  • Carpet cleaning: We eliminate stains, dirt and allergens from carpets, restoring their vibrancy.
  • Window cleaning: Our service guarantees crystal-clear windows, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.
  • Gutter cleaning: We efficiently clean gutters to prevent blockages and maintain the integrity of your building.
  • High-level cleaning: Our professionals excel in cleaning hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a spotless environment.
Additionally, we provide grounds maintenance, waste management and tailored services for retail, leisure and office spaces. Our offerings include floor mat provision, feminine hygiene solutions, vending services, air-care, hand dryers, hand care and equipment lease options. With a focus on excellence and professionalism, Cklip exceeds expectations in comprehensive cleaning and maintenance services for retail, leisure and office environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover detailed FAQs about our retail and leisure cleaning services. Should you need more information, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to assist you.

Why is cleaning important in retail?

Cleaning is crucial in retail because it shapes a customer's initial perception of the store. Cklip recognises that a clean and well-maintained retail environment not only creates a positive first impression but also influences customer expectations regarding service quality. It enhances customer confidence, promotes a pleasant shopping experience and fosters loyalty.

What is included with an internal leisure clean?

Cklip's comprehensive internal leisure cleaning covers a wide range of areas and services. It encompasses cleaning and sanitising gym equipment, pools and spa areas. Additionally, it includes floor maintenance, washroom sanitation, waste bin management, restocking consumables and ensuring the cleanliness of communal areas like bars and cafes, all to create a pristine and welcoming leisure environment.

What should you expect from cklip cleaning your retail space?

Cklip Commercial Cleaning offers a thorough retail space cleaning service, beginning with a detailed risk assessment. This assessment determines the specific cleaning standards, specialised tasks and cleaning frequencies needed. We create a customised cleaning schedule, including daily, weekly and periodic tasks, all in agreement with you. Our service also covers the supply and storage of cleaning products and equipment, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning solution.

What is included with an external leisure clean?

Cklip's external leisure cleaning services encompass a wide range of tasks, including cleaning facades, canopies and windows. We specialise in high-level cleaning, exterior signage maintenance, pay machine cleaning, jet washing, patio cleaning, car park upkeep and efficient external waste management. Our comprehensive approach ensures a clean and inviting exterior for leisure facilities.

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