School & Academy Cleaning

School & Academy Cleaning

North East School & Academy Cleaning Solutions

Cklip specialises in customised cleaning services for educational institutions in the North East. With a meticulous approach, we are known for our reliability and professionalism. Understanding the unique requirements of schools, colleges and universities, we offer tailored solutions for a clean and conducive learning environment. Entrust us with your cleaning needs, allowing you to focus on managing your educational institution while we ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Our dedicated team ensures spotless and inviting premises, from classrooms to washrooms. Committed to excellence and professionalism, we create a clean and healthy environment that supports the success and well-being of your institution. Experience exceptional cleaning services tailored to your specific requirements with Cklip.

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Comprehensive School & Academy Cleaning Services

Cklip provides comprehensive daily cleaning services for educational institutions, ensuring a clean and conducive learning environment. Our services include floor cleaning, tile care, furniture maintenance, glazing cleaning, dusting, washroom sanitation, kitchen cleaning, classroom maintenance and more.

We also offer additional services like spot cleaning, high-touch surface disinfection, external cleaning and graffiti removal.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we create a clean, hygienic and inviting space for optimal learning and working environments. Trust Cklip for reliable and exceptional cleaning services tailored to your institution’s needs.

Create Your School & Academy cleaning package

Cklip prioritises the sanitisation of educational institutions with tailored cleaning packages. Our additional services include deep cleaning, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, window and gutter cleaning, high-level cleaning, grounds maintenance, waste management and more. We also offer floor mat service, feminine hygiene, vending solutions, air-care systems, hand dryers, hand care products and equipment lease options. Our commitment extends beyond standard cleaning practices to enhance the experience for students, staff and visitors. Trust Cklip to handle your cleaning needs while you focus on delivering an exceptional educational experience. Contact us today for a professional and customised quotation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore comprehensive FAQs about our school and academy cleaning services. If your enquiries remain unresolved, feel free to contact us for personalised assistance.

Can you provide an annual deep clean for a school?

Absolutely, Cklip Commercial Cleaning offers comprehensive annual deep cleaning services for schools. This service is included in the contract and is typically conducted during the summer recess. It covers all school areas, including floors, walls, WCs, toilets, cloakrooms, showers and changing rooms. Our deep cleaning ensures high hygiene standards and goes beyond routine cleaning to provide a thorough and revitalising cleanse. Regular deep cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy and well-maintained school environment.

Is carpet cleaning included in the cost of the contract?

Yes, our contract includes regular cleaning of stained carpets. We assess and agree upon the number of carpets to be cleaned during half-term and termly school closures. We provide all required equipment. If unexpected spills or issues arise during term time, we typically accommodate them within the contract cost, ensuring your carpets remain clean and well-maintained year-round.

Can Cklip provide cleaning following building and maintenance work?

Cklip is well-prepared to provide cleaning services following routine maintenance and decorating work during school closures. For minor waste disposal, we incorporate it into our regular cleaning services. However, for extensive projects generating excessive cleaning needs, we offer additional contract agreements tailored to address the specific post-construction cleaning requirements, ensuring a pristine environment for our clients.

How often do you clean the external windows?

We recommend a comprehensive window cleaning schedule. During summer holidays, all external and internal windows and skylights are cleaned. Partial cleaning occurs before special events, like school open days. Additionally, external windows receive thorough cleaning three times yearly, aligning with the seasons: Autumn, Spring and Summer, to maintain a clear and vibrant environment.

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