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Cklip is a trusted provider of healthcare cleaning services in the North East. Our local cleaning operatives excel in exceeding hygiene expectations to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and employees. With a focus on sanitation, we prioritise cleanliness in the medical industry for infection prevention, sterile environments and compliance with regulations. We specialise in delivering expertise, products and equipment necessary for safe and hygienic facilities, serving hospitals, dental practices, medical centres, care homes, clinics, GP surgeries and veterinary surgeries. Contact us for reliable medical and clinical cleaning services to maintain a clean and sanitary healthcare environment.

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Reliable & Professional Health Care Cleaning

CQC logoAt Cklip Commercial Cleaning, we prioritise the health and safety of staff, patients and visitors in medical settings. Following the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidelines and infection prevention protocols, we use appropriate hospital cleaning methods, products and equipment. Our comprehensive documentation ensures CQC compliance, including proper storage and handling of cleaning products. We prioritise everyone’s well-being, taking necessary precautions when working around patients and medical teams. Each cleaning contract undergoes thorough risk assessment and method statement processes, adhering to health and safety requirements and infection control measures. Our staff receives extensive training in COSHH and the safe use of cleaning and disinfection products. Trust Cklip Commercial Cleaning for safe and hygienic healthcare environments through strict adherence to regulations and best practices.

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Working to Minimise Infection

Maintaining clean healthcare facilities is crucial for morale and addressing challenges in demanding environments. At Cklip, we prioritise efficient disinfection and cleaning to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). Our well-trained operatives follow best practices and use disposable mop heads and cloths to minimise germ harbouring, ensuring compliance with National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness. We maintain the highest cleanliness standards in clinical and non-clinical areas, including wards, operating theatres, consultation rooms, kitchens, rest areas and corridors. In addition to daily cleaning, our comprehensive medical cleaning services include deep cleans to eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens and microbes. Contact us for competitive pricing and customised cleaning solutions tailored to your needs. Fill out our free quotation form for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore detailed FAQs about our medical and clinical cleaning services. If your queries remain unsolved, don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re eager to assist you.

What is the general principle & definition of cleaning to the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness

Cleaning according to the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness involves a combination of 'fluid' (typically detergent and water) and 'friction' to mechanically remove organic matter like dirt, debris, blood and bodily fluids. The goal is to eliminate micro-organisms rather than merely killing them. In 'low risk' areas like foyers and offices, visible cleanliness may suffice. However, healthcare environments often require disinfection as well. Cleaning is a prerequisite for effective disinfection, as organic matter can deactivate certain disinfectants.

What is a manual cleaning action?

A manual cleaning action involves a methodical approach, particularly for large and flat surfaces. It entails using an 'S' shape motion, commencing from the farthest point and slightly overlapping to ensure thorough coverage. Avoiding retracing steps is crucial to prevent recontamination of cleaned areas, ensuring effective cleaning results.

What is the general principle & definition of disinfecting to the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness?

Disinfection, according to the National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness, is the process of eradicating or diminishing harmful micro-organisms from inanimate objects and surfaces. Sterilisation, on the other hand, pertains to the complete elimination of all micro-organisms, mainly reserved for critical items that contact sterile tissues or the bloodstream. Decontamination processes encompass cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation. In non-critical environments or with non-critical equipment, it generally refers to a two-step process involving separate cleaning and disinfecting agents or a '2 in 1' product for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection.

What is a disinfectant contact time?

Disinfectant contact time refers to the duration a disinfectant must remain in contact with a surface to effectively eliminate harmful micro-organisms. It's crucial that the surface remains wet for the specified time. In healthcare settings, staff should be aware of the contact times for the disinfectants they use and it's important to choose products with contact times that are practical for busy environments.

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