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Cklip Commercial Cleaning provides washroom & hygiene services to large and small companies across the North East, supporting our customers with an effective and fully compliant service, built around their specific needs and delivered by our highly trained operatives.

Our services & products will help you create a more hygienic facility, from clients with multiple large sites, manufacturing, public sector to single site operations, hospitality, leisure and healthcare. We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage your consumables, dispose of waste and ensure compliance with Health & Safety. We are committed to conveying a clean & sanitary environment, offering market leading washroom services to all sectors and we can build a custom package designed to suit you.

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Washroom & Hygiene Services

Providing a clean, pleasant & modern washroom is a positive reflection on your business and its values. We work with organisations of all sizes to ensure they meet their duty of care obligations & provide fully serviced, hygienic washrooms that meet the needs of their visitors and staff.

Our washroom solutions provide feminine hygiene, discreet & reliable, whilst assuring your waste is disposed of in a sensitive and sustainable way, baby changing, to meet the needs of your youngest visitors, hand care, a range of hand care services assures your washroom users always have access to soap & hand sanitiser, hand drying, our extensive range of hand dryers suit any washroom & many of our products come with antibacterial protection and touch-free operation to reduce the spread of germs, urinal & cubicle services, helps you tackle bacteria & odours, water management units, will save you water & money, vending, an efficient & convenient way to make sure your washroom users never worry about forgetting those everyday essentials, aircare, making sure the reaction to your washrooms is a positive one and floor mats.

We take care of every aspect of your washroom & hygiene needs, from toilet cleaning & regular deep cleaning, to maintaining consumables & providing safe and secure waste management. If any of your products or services need changing, we’re just a call away.

Expert Local Washroom & Hygiene Results

Our professional washroom operatives are on hand to support all businesses as they strive for the highest possible standards & our range of services & products ensure your washroom is always welcoming and hygienic. Your visitors will always have access to well-maintained and easy-to-use washroom facilities.

We supply washroom services to a wide range of sectors offering a flexible & professional service to meet your exact requirements, including pubs, restaurants & cafes, schools, universities & colleges, retail & commercial businesses, healthcare and leisure.

Our washroom operatives provide a discreet & efficient service and we understand that audit trails are important, so we provide one every time we service your washroom, giving you complete confidence and security.

Call our dedicated team today for a professional and free quotation and we will tailor a washroom package to suit your individual requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly-asked questions relating to our washroom cleaning and hygiene services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us, we’d be happy to help.

What should I use to clean my hands and how should I use it?

There are two things you can use to clean your hands: washing with soap and water, or you can use alcohol hand rub. Both are acceptable ways to clean your hands. It is important to make sure your hands are cleaned thoroughly to ensure acceptable decontamination is achieved.

What is auditing?

Auditing in washroom settings should provide clear evidence that cleanliness standards are being met safely and responsibly and where they are not, detail any service deficiencies and areas for improvement.

What is waste management?

Waste management is the generic term for a range of waste-associated activities, its generation, handling, storage and transportation from point of source to final place of disposal.

What is a quality system?

Quality systems refer to integration of organisational structure, integrated procedures, resources, and responsibilities required to implement quality management. Taken together, these provide for the development of a comprehensive and consistent washroom service.

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