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Cklip Commercial Cleaning prioritises a clean and safe workplace environment. Our expert disinfection services protect your business and promote a healthier workspace. With qualified operatives and efficient practices, we deliver exceptional results while ensuring safety. Our tailored services range from targeted disinfection to comprehensive sanitisation. We assess your needs, create a customised plan and use approved techniques and disinfectants. Staying updated with guidelines, we provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Contact us for more information and a free quote. Partner with Cklip Commercial Cleaning to take proactive steps toward a safer workplace.

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Empowering Your Business Through Comprehensive Disinfection Services

Choose Cklip Commercial Cleaning for exceptional, tailored disinfection services. We specialise in efficient solutions for various industries, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Our local consultant conducts thorough site surveys to understand your specific needs. With advanced technology like ULV fogging, we achieve comprehensive coverage and eliminate pathogens. We also perform meticulous manual touchpoint cleaning and responsible waste management. Trust Cklip for unrivalled disinfection services that uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. Partner with us for comprehensive support tailored to your business.

Ensuring Safe and Hygienic Travel

Cklip Commercial Cleaning specialises in vehicle sanitisation and disinfection services for a safe travel environment. We meticulously clean high-contact surfaces to prevent viral and bacterial transmission. Our advanced fogging techniques ensure comprehensive coverage, eliminating pathogens. Trust us for exceptional results and peace of mind for drivers and passengers. Choose Cklip for reliable vehicle disinfection services that prioritise cleanliness and safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore detailed FAQs about our disinfection services. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalised assistance. We’re here to assist you.

How much does a disinfection service cost?

The cost of a disinfection service depends on factors like building size, treatment area, facility type and service type. To determine the precise cost, a site survey is essential. We will assess your needs and recommend a tailored service level that suits your specific requirements and budget.

Is Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser safe for food preparation areas?

Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser is not recommended for food preparation areas. However, we offer Envirosafe SF Food Safe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser, which is specifically formulated and safe for use in such environments. It's ready to use, fragrance-free and designed to meet the stringent hygiene standards of food preparation areas.

How long does a disinfection service take?

The duration of a disinfection service varies based on factors like the building's size, its type and the treatment area's extent. Following a thorough site survey and a discussion about the desired service level, our operatives will provide an accurate estimate of the time required for the disinfection process.

Can Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser be used on carpets?

Certainly! Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser is versatile and can serve as a carpet pre-spray, effectively preparing carpets for a thorough cleaning. It can also be used as a light post-spray to provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring carpets stay clean and sanitised, making it a valuable tool for maintaining carpeted areas.

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