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North East Specialist Disinfection Cleaning Solutions

Cklip delivers a range of specialist disinfection services for clients throughout the North East, to help protect their business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease. We can aid with COVID-19 containment & control, as well as an all-purpose disinfection.

Our professional and qualified operatives are equipped with the necessary PPE, RPE and equipment to work safely and effectively. We offer a range of services, tailored to your needs and to support your business.

We can carry out specialist disinfection to help protect against microbial infection and to help you maintain a high level of hygiene.

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How Our Disinfection Services Can Support Your Business

Cklip ensures a discreet and highly efficient service for doctors’ surgeries, care homes, dentists, hospitals, schools, offices or any environment requiring microbial control and is designed to minimise disruption to both you and your business.

Quality, Performance and Honesty

Our range of disinfection services includes the following elements to ensure your premises are disinfected in a safe, thorough and legally compliant manner. Our local consultant will carry out a site survey, a site-specific risk assessment and method statement.

Cklip’s fully trained operatives will then apply the appropriate PPE & RPE before using ULV (ultra-low volume) disinfection fogging to disinfect your premises. This allows for large areas to be treated quickly and efficiently, as the extremely small droplets of disinfectant fog settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas, it also eradicates any airborne pathogens. Our fogging gets to work immediately and once the treatment is complete, the space is free of any organisms.

Our operatives will then carry out manual targeted touchpoint cleaning, which includes the cleaning of door handles, light switches and kitchen surfaces. Using Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser, the chemical works by irreversibly binding, penetrating and immobilising bacteria, viruses and fungi, including coronavirus, so that they cannot replicate, leaving surfaces disinfected and safe to use. We also provide clinical waste disposal, if required.

Vehicle Disinfection

To reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission, we also offer a vehicle sanitisation and disinfection service. Vehicles touched by drivers, passengers and employees loading and unloading goods, can be contaminated by touch or air-to-surface transmission, such as coughing or sneezing. We provide professional cleaning of internal and external vehicle touchpoints to prevent cross-contamination of viruses, focussing on key surfaces, such as, door handles, steering wheels, in-car display screens, seat belts and gear sticks.

Vehicle fogging is the quickest way to disinfect larger areas. Vehicle fogging is suitable for a wide range of vehicle surfaces including upholstered fittings and parts which may prove difficult to reach with conventional cleaning methods. Our vehicle disinfection services are suitable for taxis, coaches, courier vehicles, buses, emergency vehicles and public transport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly-asked questions relating to our disinfection services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us, we’d be happy to help.

How much does a disinfection service cost?

The cost varies according to the size of the building, area to be treated, the type of facility and the type of service required. We will need to carry out a site survey and discuss the service level that’s right for you.

Is Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser safe for food preparation areas?

Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser is not safe for food preparation areas, however, Envirosafe SF Food Safe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser is. Ready to use, fragrance free, safe and specially formulated for use in food preparation areas.

How long does a disinfection service take?

The time taken to disinfect an area or building depends on the size, type of building and treatment area. Our operatives will let you know the duration of the treatment after a site survey has been carried out and once the level of service has been agreed.

Can Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser be used on carpets?

Envirosafe Multi Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser can be used as a carpet pre-spray and can be used as a light post-spray for added protection to.

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