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AirView Park

Located adjacent to Newcastle International Airport, Airview Park is a distinguished business park development in Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, offering over 175,000 sqft of bespoke office accommodation for up to 2,000 employees, with good connections to public transport as well as leisure amenities and designated parking.

Airview Park is a particularly attractive location for businesses with international reach and following the success of Phases One and Two of the development, plans for phase three received unanimous approval for go ahead from the local council in August 2023.


In early 2023, Cklip were approached by Brims Construction, the company appointed to carry out the building works on Phase Two of the Park and invited to work alongside them in delivering the high-quality finish required for this prestigious development.

Having built a trusted working relationship over several years on varied and often specialist projects, from the outset Brims’ project manager was secure in the knowledge that the Cklip team would deliver consistently cared-for results, on schedule, and without fail.

Analysis: Site Visit

As a new build business park, special consideration had to be given to both the interior and exterior of the buildings, alongside freshly landscaped surroundings, and the access challenges they present.

With a requirement to clean exterior windows built into the brief, Cklip’s project manager took the decision to implement a mobile tower in place of heavy lifting machinery for high level exterior cleaning, to protect the soft landscaping and overall integrity of the site.

Inside, special attention was given to newly installed fixtures, delicate materials and surfaces, and cleaning methods and cleaning products tailored appropriately.

Planning: Site Survey

During the comprehensive site survey, the Cklip Commercial Cleaning team conducted a meticulous inspection of each building within AirView Park to accurately assess the cleaning requirements. They thoroughly evaluated the size, layout and unique features of each building, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the project scope.

The initial phase, the builders clean, involved the thorough removal of construction debris, dust and any residual substances from the construction activities. The team meticulously surveyed both the interior and exterior areas, identifying specific areas in need of special attention, such as newly installed fixtures, surfaces, and high-traffic zones. They took note of delicate materials or surfaces that required tailored cleaning methods and appropriate cleaning products.

Following the builders clean, the sparkle clean phase aimed to create a pristine and presentable environment for the occupants. The Cklip team surveyed various areas within the buildings, including washrooms, kitchens, common areas and office spaces. They assessed the condition of flooring, walls, ceilings, windows and other surfaces to determine the level of cleaning required. Additionally, the team carefully noted any specific cleaning challenges, such as stains, marks or stubborn dirt, that necessitated special attention during the cleaning process.

In addition to the interior cleaning, the survey encompassed an evaluation of the external window cleaning requirements. The team assessed the accessibility and size of the windows, taking into consideration the building height and any architectural features that might impact the cleaning process. They identified potential challenges, such as hard-to-reach windows or the need for specialised equipment, in order to devise a comprehensive and efficient window cleaning plan.

Throughout the site survey, the Cklip Commercial Cleaning team collaborated closely with the project manager from Brims. This collaboration facilitated the gathering of additional information and addressing any specific concerns or preferences. By ensuring effective communication, the team gained a detailed understanding of the client’s expectations, allowing them to develop a cleaning plan that aligned seamlessly with the project timeline and requirements.

Based on the findings from the site survey, the Cklip Commercial Cleaning team prepared a comprehensive cleaning proposal. This proposal outlined the scope of work, specific cleaning tasks and estimated timeline, all tailored to meet the client’s needs. The goal was to deliver a superior standard of cleanliness for the completed buildings at AirView Park.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

The Cklip team aimed to create a pristine and inviting environment for future occupants, delivering exceptional cleaning throughout washrooms, kitchens, common areas and office spaces. The offices are contemporary with an abundance of natural light, so scrupulous attention to detail was essential as any residues left behind could easily compromise the aspirational feel of the development.

Our Project Managers are well recognised for both careful forward planning and an agile approach, so were able to respond appropriately to an unforeseen stall in the project’s delivery, scaling cleaning teams down or up as necessary, and building in additional works to the scope of the brief without compromising agreed schedules.

Review: Hand Over

From design and planning to building and installation, the final Builder’s and Sparkle Cleans complete the whole process of any development or refurbishment project, creating the photo-ready finish that attracts noteworthy tenants. In this case, the great working relationship between Cklip and Brims Construction contributed to the smooth running and on-schedule delivery of the project, with exceptional results.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality cleaning solutions and work consistently to foster long-term relationships based on trust and satisfaction. To learn more about our builders cleaning solutions, visit our dedicated builders cleaning page to view our comprehensive service offer.

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