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Knoll Court – Yugo Student Accommodation

Yugo logoIn July 2023, Cklip Commercial Cleaning was appointed by leading fit-out and refurbishment company, Troy Group, to carry out post-refurbishment Builder’s and final Sparkle cleans for their client, student accommodation provider, Yugo.

With a global portfolio, Knoll Court represents Yugo’s only property in the North East of the Uk and is situated in a prime location between Newcastle’s Quayside and city centre, and within a short walking distance to the city’s two main universities.

Both universities attract thousands of students every year and the student accommodation offering in the region is significant and competitive as a result. To remain a relevant and attractive proposition to potential student tenants it is essential for Yugo to keep the fit of Knoll Court contemporary, and the finish to the highest standard possible.


Knoll court is comprised of 4 adjoining buildings situated around an enclosed central courtyard, and includes a reception area, gym, laundry, and social space. The buildings house a maximum of 287 students, with an offering of four ensuite room types from the smaller Classic Suite, up to Studio Suites, which include sleeping area, ensuite bathroom and kitchen area. Troy Group was appointed to refurbish the main accommodations and deliver 6 brand new Studio suites at ground level.

The initial Cklip brief required our team to follow works completed by Troy to a tight schedule of 10 weeks, delivering comprehensive Builder’s and Sparkle cleans throughout the buildings, including: 281 rooms and on suite bathrooms, hallways, 55 shared kitchen and living areas, lifts, entrance halls, doors and windows, and all Studio Suites.

Analysis: Site Visit

On visiting the site, it became clear that there were several additional considerations to respond to and build into scope of the brief, with post tenancy issues requiring attention and resolution alongside the programmed refurbishment and cleans of each room.

A lack of onsite parking presented a challenge, and works were being carried out in a live environment requiring careful planning to ensure minimal disruption to Yugo employees, and towards the end of the project, students taking residence in completed phases of the accommodation.

A change in site management had also caused some delays to process and project delivery, while the overall handover date remained fixed.

Planning: Site Survey

In terms of project planning, we carefully determined the duration of the cleaning assignment, which was estimated to span five weeks. This timeline allowed us to allocate the appropriate resources and plan the cleaning activities efficiently, ensuring that all tasks would be completed within the designated timeframe.

Considering the scope of work and the size of the project, we allocated a dedicated team consisting of one cleaning manager, one supervisor and four skilled cleaning operatives. This team composition was designed to optimise efficiency and productivity while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the school premises.

Throughout the planning phase, we closely collaborated with the client, Kier, to understand their specific requirements and expectations. By establishing clear lines of communication and engaging in frequent discussions, we were able to align our cleaning strategies with the overall project objectives.

This collaborative approach allowed us to tailor our cleaning methodologies and scheduling to accommodate the construction activities and ensure minimal disruption to the project’s progress.

By conducting a thorough site survey and implementing meticulous planning measures, we established a solid foundation for the successful execution of the cleaning project at Toner Avenue Primary School. Our commitment to comprehensive risk assessments, adherence to health and safety protocols and meticulous resource allocation set the stage for a smooth and efficient implementation phase.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

Given the complexities of the project, Cklip took a proactive approach to executing each stage of the brief. Cklip’s onsite team manager ensured that communication between the site manager was consistent and positive, and that the Cklip team worked responsively and effectively alongside other working crews.

Due to this, the team was able to implement all required procedures, maintain the exceptionally high standards of output and finish Cklip take pride in, and despite additional challenges, handover as scheduled.

Review: Hand Over

Cklip Commercial Cleaning is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services, upholding the highest standards of quality, and surpassing our clients’ expectations. The Builder’s Clean and Sparkle Clean carried out by our team encompassed a comprehensive range of tasks tailored to the specific needs of the Troy Group re-fit of Knoll Court, and our professionalism, proactive approach, and drive to push tasks through to completion was central to the overall success of this project.

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"Thank you for all you are doing at Knoll Court for me. Keep pushing up there for me please - so appreciated. With thanks, Chris."
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Chris Hufford
Managing Director, Troy Group