Hermitage Academy

Hermitage Academy

In response to the growing student population, SDA, in collaboration with AA Projects, was entrusted with the task of conducting a comprehensive Accommodation Assessment at Hermitage Academy. The objective was to identify suitable areas within the school that could be utilised to accommodate the increasing number of students. This assessment ultimately led to the approval of Planning and a prestigious CIF Award, securing funding for the construction of a new standalone teaching block specifically dedicated to Year 7 students.

SDA’s highly experienced Education team took charge of the project, overseeing it from the initial accommodation assessment phase to the final handover of the completed building. Their expertise and attention to detail ensured a seamless and successful execution of the project.

Brims Construction, a renowned construction firm, was appointed in November 2016 to undertake the design and construction of the new teaching block at Hermitage Academy. The impressive standalone single-storey teaching block spans an area of 710 square meters and features eight additional classrooms, along with associated amenity spaces. This expansion aimed to accommodate the growing number of students and provide them with a conducive learning environment.

The construction of the teaching block followed traditional building methods, employing a lightweight steel structure as its foundation. The outer façade showcases an aesthetically pleasing combination of brickwork and render, achieving both durability and visual appeal. To ensure a robust and efficient roofing system, the roof incorporates Sarnafil materials and integrates a sophisticated siphonic drainage system, effectively managing rainwater and maintaining structural integrity. As part of the project scope, a new electricity supply was installed to cater to the needs of both the new teaching block and the existing school facilities, guaranteeing a reliable power source for all occupants. Additionally, the project included below-ground drainage adaptations and associated external works to seamlessly integrate the new building with its surroundings and existing infrastructure.

Throughout the construction process, cleanliness and attention to detail were of utmost importance. To achieve this, Cklip Commercial Cleaning, a reputable cleaning contractor, was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting a thorough builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning, ensuring the new teaching block was presented in its pristine state upon completion.

The successful collaboration between SDA, AA Projects, Brims Construction and Cklip Commercial Cleaning has resulted in the successful construction of the new single-storey teaching block at Hermitage Academy. The addition of these new classrooms and amenities will undoubtedly enhance the learning experience and accommodate the growing student population at the school.


Cklip Commercial Cleaning, a renowned cleaning contractor, was entrusted with the responsibility of executing the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning for the newly constructed single-storey teaching block at Hermitage Academy, located in Chester-le-Street. The assignment was awarded to Cklip by Brims Construction, the primary construction contractor for the project.

Considering the unique circumstances of working within an operational educational facility, where students and staff constantly moved between buildings and across the campus, the cleaning operatives were required to navigate the live environment with utmost care and sensitivity.

Throughout the project, Cklip maintained close communication and coordination with Brims Construction, engaging in daily discussions to establish key dates and timelines for the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning. This proactive approach allowed the cleaning work to be effectively planned and scheduled, ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing operations of the school.

To ensure the successful completion of the cleaning tasks, Cklip assembled a dedicated team of cleaning professionals. This team included a skilled cleaning supervisor who actively collaborated with Brims Construction to develop a tailored cleaning solution that aligned with the project’s requirements. Their objective was to deliver the cleaning services efficiently, within the allocated budget and within the specified time constraints.

The cleaning supervisor played a crucial role in overseeing the entire cleaning operation, implementing effective strategies and closely managing the cleaning team to ensure high standards of cleanliness and presentation. Their expertise and attention to detail contributed to the smooth execution of the cleaning tasks, guaranteeing that the new teaching block was presented in its best condition upon completion.

By closely collaborating with Brims Construction and leveraging their expertise in the field of construction cleaning, Cklip Commercial Cleaning successfully fulfilled their role in the Hermitage Academy project. Their commitment to delivering efficient, cost-effective and time-sensitive cleaning services contributed to the overall success of the construction project and the satisfaction of the client, SDA.

Analysis: Site Visit

To ensure a thorough understanding of the project requirements and to plan the cleaning operations effectively, Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s project manager conducted an on-site visit to Hermitage Academy. The purpose of this visit was to meet with the Brims Construction site manager and perform a comprehensive survey of the site.

During the site visit, the project manager carefully assessed the newly constructed single storey teaching block, taking note of its layout, size and specific cleaning needs. They collaborated closely with the Brims site manager to gather essential information about the construction process, materials used and any specific considerations that needed to be considered during the cleaning operations.

The project manager’s visit allowed them to gain first-hand knowledge of the site’s unique characteristics and the surrounding environment. They familiarised themselves with the existing campus layout, including the movement of students and staff between buildings and across the grounds. This in-depth understanding was crucial for planning the cleaning tasks in a manner that would minimise disruptions and ensure the safety and comfort of the school community.

Furthermore, the project manager utilised the site visit as an opportunity to establish effective lines of communication with the Brims site manager. They discussed key dates, timelines and any specific requirements that needed to be incorporated into the cleaning plan. This collaborative approach ensured that both teams were aligned and could work together seamlessly throughout the project.

By conducting a comprehensive site visit, Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s project manager gathered essential information, identified potential challenges and established a strong foundation for the successful execution of the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning tasks at Hermitage Academy.

Hermitage Academy lecture room

Planning: Site Survey

In preparation for the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning tasks at Hermitage Academy’s new single-storey teaching block, Cklip Commercial Cleaning took a meticulous approach to ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel involved. This involved conducting a thorough site survey and implementing rigorous health and safety protocols.

Given that the cleaning operations were to be carried out while the building contractors were still present on site, it was imperative to conduct detailed risk assessments and develop comprehensive method statements. This approach aimed to identify potential hazards and establish appropriate safety measures to mitigate any risks. By carefully assessing the site and its specific cleaning requirements, Cklip Commercial Cleaning could devise a customised plan that ensured the well-being of their operatives, the construction personnel and the school community.

To demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high safety standards, Cklip Commercial Cleaning provided the necessary certifications and documentation to showcase their compliance with industry regulations. This included possessing CSCS cards (Construction Skills Certification Scheme), CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Safecontractor accreditation and Constructionline Gold certification. These certifications reflected Cklip’s dedication to upholding safety practices and adhering to industry standards.

Furthermore, during the planning phase, it was agreed upon with all stakeholders that the cleaning works would be completed within a two-week timeframe. This timeframe allowed for efficient coordination between the cleaning team and the construction contractors, ensuring that the cleaning activities could be seamlessly integrated into the project schedule.

By conducting a thorough site survey and implementing stringent health and safety measures, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their commitment to creating a safe working environment for all operatives involved in the cleaning operations. Their adherence to industry regulations and their proactive approach to risk management ensured that the cleaning tasks could be executed smoothly, promoting the well-being of all personnel and maintaining the highest standards of safety at Hermitage Academy.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

Cklip Commercial Cleaning executed the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning for the newly constructed single-storey teaching block at Hermitage Academy with utmost precision and attention to detail. The cleaning tasks were planned and carried out to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and presentation.

The builders clean phase was scheduled for one week and involved a team of three operatives, led by a dedicated supervisor. The cleaning activities encompassed a range of tasks to ensure the removal of construction debris and residues. This included thorough vacuuming and mopping of floors, specifically targeting the removal of paint, plaster and glue. Skirting boards, shelving, cupboards and drawers were cleaned to eliminate any traces of dust or debris. Doors, frames, fixtures, light fittings, electrical sockets and switches received special attention to ensure they were spotless and free from any construction-related markings. The windows, including sills, frames and insulation materials, were carefully cleaned and polished to achieve a pristine appearance.

In addition to the general cleaning tasks, specific areas such as washrooms received a deep cleaning treatment. Tilework was diligently cleaned to remove grout and plaster residues, ensuring a polished and hygienic surface. Toilets, cisterns, sinks and mirrors were thoroughly cleaned and polished to promote a sanitary and presentable environment. Furthermore, all visible and accessible surfaces were cleaned and polished to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

During the sparkle clean phase, which was also allocated one week, a team of three operatives, including two specialised window cleaners, worked under the supervision of a dedicated supervisor. The external window cleaning was executed with precision and attention to detail to achieve sparkling and streak-free windows, enhancing the overall appearance of the teaching block.

To ensure that the service expectations were met, Cklip Commercial Cleaning deployed a dedicated supervisor on site, who closely monitored the cleaning operations and implemented a rigorous quality control program. Daily audits were conducted to assess the progress and maintain consistent cleaning standards throughout the project.

The supervisor played a pivotal role in maintaining effective communication with Brims Construction. Regular meetings were held to review the cleaning progress and discuss any recommendations or adjustments required. This collaborative approach allowed for a seamless coordination between the cleaning team and the construction contractor, ensuring that all cleaning objectives were met satisfactorily.

Through their approach, dedicated supervision and effective communication, Cklip Commercial Cleaning successfully executed the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning for the new single-storey teaching block at Hermitage Academy. Their commitment to achieving exceptional cleanliness and their emphasis on quality control resulted in a finished building that met the highest standards of cleanliness and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Review: Hand Over

Throughout the project, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs and concerns of Brims Construction. The management team at Cklip carefully listened to Brims’ requirements, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s unique challenges. They swiftly implemented tailored solutions to address each situation, ensuring that the cleaning services provided were aligned with Brims’ expectations.

Cklip Commercial Cleaning adheres to an agreed service level, managing the cleaning and related services according to predefined key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are constantly monitored to drive continuous improvement in the quality of cleaning standards. By doing so, Cklip guarantees a consistent and high level of service, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

The staff employed by Cklip are trained to the highest standards, with a particular emphasis on Health and Safety protocols. This dedication to staff training fosters greater engagement among the cleaning team, leading to improved cleaning standards and exceptional customer service. By prioritising the well-being and competence of their staff, Cklip ensures that their cleaning operations are carried out with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

The Cklip team prides themselves on their proactive and flexible approach to meeting client requirements. They maintain a professional attitude and are always willing to adapt to evolving project needs. This flexibility enables them to accommodate changes and deliver exceptional service in a dynamic environment.

The collaborative working relationship between Cklip Commercial Cleaning and Brims Construction has been strengthened over time, as Cklip consistently delivers outstanding results. Their track record of excellence and their commitment to providing exceptional service has earned them the trust and confidence of Brims. This solid partnership is built on mutual respect and a shared commitment to achieving the highest cleaning standards.

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