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Brims Constructoin logoIn May 2018, Brims Construction was appointed as the main contractor for an extensive refurbishment project at the offices of North Star Housing Group in Stockton on Tees. The site in question housed a three-storey office building that had initially been constructed in the year 2000. This building was characterised by its frame construction, featuring a brick outer leaf and concrete floors. Situated in a bustling area surrounded by various office buildings and industrial units, the site’s proximity to the river Tees added to its unique location. The primary objective of the project was to reimagine the interior layout and create a design scheme that would serve as a testament to the future vision of North Star Housing. The scope of the works encompassed a wide range of activities, starting with the demolition and soft strip of existing openings to clear the way for the transformation. The skilled team from Brims Construction diligently carried out the task of removing unwanted elements and preparing the space for the upcoming renovations. As part of the refurbishment, the installation of partitions and linings was a crucial aspect. These new structures would help redefine the internal spaces, creating separate areas tailored to the specific needs and functions of North Star Housing. Meticulous attention to detail was exercised during the fixing process, ensuring that the partitions and linings were not only sturdy but also aligned with the aesthetic vision of the project. Moreover, the project involved the installation of brand-new mechanical and electrical services. These essential systems were carefully integrated into the building, providing optimal functionality and enhancing the overall efficiency of the premises. The planning and execution of these services ensured that the refurbished offices would be equipped with cutting-edge technology, enabling North Star Housing to operate seamlessly in their day-to-day activities. In addition to the structural and technical aspects, the project encompassed an extensive focus on aesthetics. The team from Brims Construction carried out all necessary decoration works, paying close attention to detail to create a visually appealing and cohesive environment. The choice of colour schemes, finishes and textures was carefully considered to align with the overarching design scheme and to reflect the forward-thinking approach of North Star Housing. Completing the comprehensive refurbishment, the project also included the installation of new floor finishes. Whether it was the choice of carpets, tiles or other suitable materials, the selection was made with the aim of enhancing the overall ambiance and functionality of the spaces. The flooring not only had to be visually appealing but also durable and practical to withstand the demands of a busy office environment. Overall, the collaboration between Brims Construction and North Star Housing Group resulted in a transformative refurbishment project. The attention to detail, from the demolition and soft strip to the installation of partitions, mechanical and electrical services and the final touches of decoration and floor finishes, ensured that the offices in Stockton on Tees were revitalised into a modern, functional and visually stunning space that embodied the future face of North Star Housing.


North Star Housing Group has embarked on an ambitious venture to refurbish Endeavour House, a prominent office building located in Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees. To ensure the success of this project, the responsibility of executing a comprehensive cleaning plan has been entrusted to Cklip Commercial Cleaning, a highly regarded construction cleaning contractor. Their task involves carrying out a range of cleaning services, including builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning. The overarching goal of this project is to transform the office space into a pristine, safe and visually appealing environment that promotes productivity and well-being for the staff of North Star Housing.

The cleaning operations have been scheduled to align with the overall project timeline. The builders clean phase, which involves the removal of construction debris, dust and other post-construction residues, is estimated to be completed within a week. To accomplish this, Cklip Commercial Cleaning has allocated a dedicated team of three skilled operatives, working under the supervision of an experienced supervisor. This team will clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that the entire area is ready for the subsequent phases.

Following the builders clean, the sparkle clean and external window cleaning phase will commence. This stage focuses on adding the finishing touches to the refurbished office space, ensuring that it shines with cleanliness and presents a visually appealing atmosphere. This phase is also expected to take approximately one week to complete. Cklip Commercial Cleaning has assigned a team of three cleaning operatives, supported by a specialied window cleaner and overseen by a diligent supervisor. With this carefully considered allocation of resources, Cklip aims to ensure attention to detail, effective coordination and strict adherence to project timelines.

Cklip Commercial Cleaning is fully committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services for the North Star Housing Group office refurbishment project. Their scope of work encompasses not only the builders clean but also the sparkle clean and external window cleaning, guaranteeing a comprehensive and holistic approach to cleanliness. The ultimate objective is to transform Endeavour House into a workspace that radiates cleanliness, safety and visual appeal.

To achieve this, Cklip Commercial Cleaning places a strong emphasis on adhering to stringent health and safety protocols. They recognise the importance of creating a safe working environment for their team, as well as for the staff of North Star Housing Group. By implementing industry best practices and utilising cutting-edge cleaning techniques, Cklip Commercial Cleaning ensures that the entire cleaning process is carried out with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Furthermore, Cklip takes great pride in their skilled and dedicated team. The operatives, window cleaner and supervisors assigned to the project possess extensive experience in their respective roles. They have undergone rigorous training, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle the unique challenges posed by an office refurbishment project of this magnitude. With their collective skills and commitment to excellence, Cklip Commercial Cleaning strives to exceed the expectations of both Brims (the project contractor) and North Star Housing Group throughout the entire duration of the project.

In summary, the North Star Housing Group office refurbishment project at Endeavour House represents a significant undertaking, with Cklip Commercial Cleaning playing a crucial role in ensuring its success. By providing a comprehensive range of cleaning services, adhering to stringent health and safety protocols, and utilising the expertise of their skilled team, Cklip Commercial Cleaning is fully dedicated to transforming the office space into a clean, safe and visually appealing workspace that surpasses the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

Analysis: Site Visit

North Star Housing Group’s office refurbishment project, situated at Endeavour House in St Mark’s Ct, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, presented an exciting opportunity for Cklip Commercial Cleaning. As the appointed construction cleaning contractor, Cklip had the responsibility of executing a comprehensive cleaning plan encompassing builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning.

To ensure an accurate and tailored proposal, Cklip initiated an in-depth analysis of the site. This involved conducting a thorough site visit, during which Cklip’s team assessed the specific cleaning requirements and took note of the project’s unique characteristics. By immersing themselves in the environment and closely examining the spaces, Cklip gained valuable insights that would inform their subsequent cleaning approach.

Following the site visit, armed with a wealth of first-hand knowledge, Cklip meticulously crafted a detailed cleaning proposal. This proposal included a comprehensive breakdown of the cleaning tasks involved in the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning. Cklip’s proposal went beyond a simple enumeration of services, delving into the specific methods, tools and products to be utilised for each cleaning stage. By providing Brims with a comprehensive understanding of their approach, Cklip demonstrated their professionalism and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Accompanying the cleaning proposal, Cklip presented a transparent pricing schedule. This schedule was calculated, considering factors such as the scope of work, the intricacy of cleaning tasks and the resources required. Cklip’s pricing schedule aimed to provide Brims with a clear and accurate understanding of the costs associated with the cleaning services. The transparency and attention to detail in the pricing schedule reflected Cklip’s commitment to open and honest communication, ensuring that both parties were on the same page regarding the financial aspect of the project.

By conducting a thorough analysis, performing a comprehensive site visit and presenting Brims with a detailed cleaning proposal and pricing schedule, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their dedication to precision, professionalism and delivering a tailored cleaning solution for the North Star Housing Group’s office refurbishment project. This approach set the stage for a successful collaboration between Cklip, Brims and North Star Housing Group, ensuring that the cleaning operations would be executed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Planning: Site Survey

In preparation for the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning of North Star Housing Group’s office refurbishment project at Endeavour House in St Mark’s Ct, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, Cklip Commercial Cleaning engaged in meticulous planning and conducted a thorough site survey.

Recognising the importance of maintaining a safe working environment, Cklip prioritised health and safety considerations. Given that the cleaning activities would be carried out concurrently with the presence of building contractors on-site, Cklip undertook rigorous risk assessments and method statement preparations. These comprehensive evaluations ensured that potential risks and hazards were identified and addressed, providing a secure working environment for all operatives involved. By adhering to stringent health and safety protocols, Cklip aimed to minimise the risk of accidents or incidents and prioritise the well-being of their cleaning team and other personnel on the site.

To further demonstrate their commitment to safety and professionalism, Cklip provided relevant certifications and credentials to validate their qualifications. This included possessing CSCS cards, CHAS accreditation, Safecontractor certification and Constructionline Gold certification. These certifications affirmed Cklip’s adherence to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that their cleaning services would be conducted by qualified and competent professionals.

Collaborating closely with Brims, the construction contractor, Cklip agreed upon a realistic timeframe for completing the cleaning works. It was mutually determined that the entire scope of cleaning, including the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning, would be accomplished within a two-week timeframe. This agreement allowed for efficient planning and allocation of resources, ensuring that the cleaning operations seamlessly integrated with the overall project schedule.

Through the planning process, including site surveys, risk assessments, method statement preparations and the establishment of a clear timeline, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their dedication to safety, professionalism and effective project management. These proactive measures set the stage for a successful and well-coordinated execution of the cleaning tasks, aligning with the expectations of both Brims and North Star Housing Group.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

During the implementation phase of the North Star Housing Group’s office refurbishment project at Endeavour House in St Mark’s Ct, Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, Cklip Commercial Cleaning executed a comprehensive cleaning plan that encompassed the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning.

The builders clean phase involved an extensive range of tasks to ensure the removal of all debris and dust accumulated during the construction process. Cklip’s team diligently removed paint, plaster and glue residues from various surfaces. They meticulously cleaned skirting boards, doors, frames, fixtures, light fittings, electrical sockets and switches, ensuring every detail was attended to. Internal windows, including sills, frames and insulation materials, received thorough cleaning to enhance their appearance and functionality.

In addition to the general cleaning, Cklip paid special attention to specific areas and fixtures. Desks, shelving, cupboards and drawers were cleaned to create a fresh and organised workspace. Tilework in kitchen areas and washrooms underwent a deep cleaning process to remove stubborn stains and restore their original lustre. Toilets, cisterns, sinks and mirrors were cleaned and polished, leaving them in pristine condition.

Following the completion of the builders clean, Cklip proceeded to remove the floor protection that had been put in place during the refurbishment process. This allowed them to carry out thorough vacuuming and mopping of all floors and stairs, ensuring a clean and safe environment for the occupants.

The builders clean phase was efficiently programmed to span one week, with a dedicated team consisting of three operatives and one supervisor. This allocation of resources allowed for meticulous attention to detail and effective coordination of the cleaning tasks.

Moving on to the sparkle clean and external window cleaning, Cklip deployed a team of three cleaning operatives, one window cleaner and one supervisor. The sparkle clean aimed to enhance the overall aesthetics of the refurbished spaces, ensuring they sparkled and reflected the high standards set for the project. The reach and wash system, an innovative and efficient method, was employed for the external window cleaning. This advanced technique enabled Cklip to effectively clean the windows, frames and other exterior surfaces, ensuring they were spotless and provided unobstructed views.

The scheduling for the sparkle clean and external window cleaning spanned one week, allowing sufficient time for a thorough execution of the tasks. With the allocated team and supervision, Cklip ensured that the cleaning operations progressed smoothly and adhered to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

By carrying out the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning in a systematic and detail-oriented manner, Cklip Commercial Cleaning played a crucial role in transforming the North Star Housing Group’s office refurbishment project into a clean, vibrant and welcoming space. Their dedicated team, supported by supervisors and utilising innovative cleaning techniques, achieved outstanding results that exceeded the expectations of both Brims and North Star Housing Group.

Review: Hand Over

Throughout the contract, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated a commitment to professionalism, adherence to Health & Safety procedures and exceptional cleaning standards to ensure the successful completion of the North Star Housing Group Office Refurbishment project. As the construction work continued during the contract period, our team took great care to perform their duties with utmost professionalism and in compliance with all relevant safety regulations.

We closely monitored the quality and performance of our cleaning operatives and followed the agreed cleaning schedule. Our priority was to ensure that all areas of the refurbishment project were thoroughly cleaned, making them safe, hygienic and visually appealing for North Star Housing.

The duration of the project was two weeks, during which a dedicated team comprising six cleaning operatives, one window cleaner and a skilled supervisor was assigned to carry out the cleaning tasks. This team was specifically selected for their expertise and attention to detail, guaranteeing exceptional results.

To oversee the smooth handover process, our experienced Project Manager was present on-site during the second week. Their role was to ensure that all cleaning activities were completed to the highest standards and in line with the agreed specifications. This oversight enabled Brims, the construction contractor, to confidently sign off on the completed works at the end of the week. Brims expressed their satisfaction with the stress-free process and commended the high quality of the cleaning services provided by Cklip Commercial Cleaning.

We take pride in our builders cleaning solutions and invite you to visit our dedicated builders cleaning page to learn more about our expertise in this area. Should you require a free site visit or wish to discuss your specific cleaning requirements, we encourage you to contact us using our convenient online form. Our team is ready to provide comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction.