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Reece Group logoReece Group, a prominent company, made a significant acquisition by obtaining the Armstrong Works manufacturing facility situated on Scotswood Road in Newcastle upon Tyne. Formerly known as Vickers, this expansive facility spans over 33,000 square metres and boasts an impressive length of 546 metres. Moreover, it encompasses office space that accommodates more than 400 staff members. The primary focus of the site revolves around supporting various activities in sectors such as defence, oil, gas and subsea markets.

Recognising the importance of fostering a sense of unity among the different companies operating within the facility, the Reece Group embarked on a project to create a cohesive design scheme. The goal was to bring these companies together in a shared space while still preserving their individual identities. To achieve this, extensive renovations were required throughout the offices, particularly in areas such as the reception, exhibition areas, meeting rooms and break-out rooms.

Collaborating closely with the Reece Group, the design team sought to impart a fresh, contemporary look to the offices. Abiding by a principle of subtlety, the design incorporated elements of each company’s branding to maintain their distinctiveness. Furthermore, bespoke furniture and design features were introduced, paying homage to the rich engineering heritage of the local area. By blending these aspects together, the designers aimed to establish an inspiring and practical work environment that would stimulate productivity and creativity.

To execute the extensive office alterations and refurbishment works at the newly acquired Armstrong Works, Brims Construction was appointed as the principal contractor. Their responsibility encompassed a range of tasks, starting with a complete demolition and strip out of the existing kitchen and servery. This involved the careful removal and disposal of various elements, such as finishes, partition walls, ceilings, doors, floor finishes, skirtings and existing kitchen fittings and equipment.

In addition to the comprehensive demolition, Brims Construction was also entrusted with additional works to enhance the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of the facility. These included the removal and replacement of the entrance area and staircase, the construction of new toilet blocks and the creation of new circulation spaces and break-out areas within the office spaces. These additional features would undoubtedly contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable work environment for the staff at the Armstrong Works facility.


Nestled along Scotswood Road in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Armstrong Works manufacturing facility, now owned by the Reece Group, carries with it a rich and storied history. Once hailed as the world’s first defence factory and renowned as the “workshop of the world,” this historic site played a pivotal role in engineering feats that shaped the world we know today.

The factory’s legacy is adorned with remarkable accomplishments. It proudly contributed to the construction of iconic structures like Newcastle’s Swing Bridge and London’s Tower Bridge, supplying the crucial hydraulics that made these engineering marvels possible. Furthermore, it had a hand in the production of vital components for renowned aircraft such as the Spitfire and the ingenious “bouncing bombs” utilised by the heroic dam busters. The factory even made history by manufacturing the first-ever breech-loading gun for the Crimean War and later contributed to the creation of Chieftain tanks following the Second World War.

However, the city of Newcastle experienced a profound blow when BAE Systems, the former owners of the Armstrong Works, announced in 2012 that the factory would be shuttered, leading to the loss of 330 jobs. This devastating decision sparked concerns that it signalled the end of an era for heavy engineering on the Tyne River, putting at risk the enduring legacy of a facility that had provided employment for generations of families.

Thankfully, a resurgence emerged with a substantial multimillion-pound investment, breathing new life into the expansive structure that stretches for the length of five football pitches along Scotswood Road. The Armstrong Works has been revived and reinvented, emerging as the new headquarters for the Reece Group. This transformation serves as a testament to the region’s enduring reputation as a global leader in innovative engineering.

Often referred to as the Vickers tank factory, the Armstrong Works has remained a cornerstone of British engineering for over 160 years. Founded by the illustrious Lord Armstrong, one of the country’s most influential industrialists and philanthropists, this facility employed a staggering 25,000 individuals during its heyday. Throughout its illustrious history, the factory’s assembly lines hummed with the production of not only military equipment but also cars, locomotives and aircraft. Its impact on the region’s industrial heritage cannot be overstated.

Now, as the Reece Group takes the helm, the Armstrong Works stands as a symbol of resilience and reinvention. The multi-million-pound investment has provided the opportunity to revitalise this iconic site, ensuring that its legacy endures and that it continues to contribute to the advancement of engineering excellence. The site’s revival offers hope for the future, as it serves as a beacon for innovation and progress, upholding the proud tradition of British engineering while embracing the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

Analysis: Site Visit

The Reece Group, a prominent client based in Armstrong Works, Newcastle upon Tyne, embarked on an extensive office refurbishment project. Recognising the significance of a thorough and detailed construction and cleaning process, they enlisted the expertise of Brims, their trusted construction contractors and Cklip Commercial Cleaning, the designated construction cleaning contractors.

To commence this collaborative endeavour, Cklip’s project manager conducted a site visit to the Reece Group’s premises. The purpose of this visit was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s requirements and to establish a strong working relationship with Brims and the site manager entrusted with overseeing the construction process. By carrying out a detailed survey, the project manager aimed to assess the scope of the work and identify the specific needs and challenges associated with the refurbishment.

During the site visit, the project manager engaged in extensive discussions with the Brims site manager, exchanging insights and expertise to ensure a seamless coordination between the construction and cleaning teams. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, the project manager aimed to establish clear lines of communication, which would be instrumental in the successful execution of the refurbishment project.

The survey conducted during the site visit encompassed an examination of the office space, considering the existing layout, fixtures and potential areas of concern. By carefully analysing the condition of the premises, the project manager was able to identify the key elements that required special attention during the construction and cleaning processes.

Furthermore, the site visit offered an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the Reece Group’s expectations and preferences for the outcome of the refurbishment. By engaging directly with the site manager, the project manager could ascertain the desired aesthetic, functionality and overall vision for the revitalised office space. This valuable insight would inform the subsequent planning and execution phases, allowing the construction and cleaning teams to align their efforts with the Reece Group’s goals and aspirations.

Overall, the site visit conducted by Cklip’s project manager played a crucial role in laying the foundation for a successful office refurbishment project. Through open communication, thorough assessment and a shared understanding of the Reece Group’s vision, the stage was set for Brims and Cklip Commercial Cleaning to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that the construction and cleaning processes would deliver a rejuvenated and pristine workspace that would meet and exceed the Reece Group’s expectations.

Planning: Site Survey

Given the intricacies involved in coordinating the cleaning activities alongside ongoing construction work, planning was of paramount importance. One crucial aspect was to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and develop method statements to address and mitigate any potential hazards. This approach aimed to prioritise the health and safety of all operatives involved in the project, safeguarding their well-being throughout the refurbishment process.

To demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety, Brims and Cklip Commercial Cleaning provided the necessary credentials and certifications. These included possessing CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) cards, attesting to the competence and qualifications of their respective teams. Furthermore, certifications such as CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold were secured, serving as additional proof of their dedication to adhering to rigorous health and safety protocols.

By ensuring that all necessary certifications and qualifications were in place, the Reece Group, Brims and Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their shared commitment to fostering a secure and protected working environment for all individuals involved in the project. Such proactive measures instilled confidence that every aspect of the office refurbishment would be carried out in accordance with industry best practices, guaranteeing the welfare of all operatives and mitigating any potential risks that might arise.

Through planning and stringent adherence to health and safety guidelines, the Reece Group, Brims and Cklip Commercial Cleaning laid the foundation for a successful and secure refurbishment project. The commitment to ensuring the well-being of the workforce, coupled with the relevant certifications and qualifications, instilled a sense of trust and confidence that the construction and cleaning processes would be executed seamlessly, paving the way for a revitalised and pristine office space that would exceed the Reece Group’s expectations.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

The implementation phase of the Reece Group office refurbishment involved comprehensive builders clean and sparkle clean services provided by Cklip Commercial Cleaning. This encompassed a wide range of areas within the office space, including meeting rooms, entrance areas, staircases, toilet blocks, the open plan reception, exhibition areas, offices, circulation spaces and break-out areas.

The cleaning process took into account various elements of the office space, starting with the internal and high-level glazing. To reach these elevated areas, a scissor lift was utilised, ensuring thorough cleaning of sills, frames and insulation materials. Attention was given to removing any excess paint and plaster residue, leaving the glazing surfaces pristine and clear.

The walls, skirting boards and all visible surfaces were meticulously cleaned to eliminate the presence of builder’s dust, resulting in a clean and polished appearance. Careful vacuuming and mopping were carried out on carpets, floors and stairs, taking special care to remove any paint, plaster or glue remnants that may have accumulated during the refurbishment process.

The cleaning scope extended to various fixtures and fittings within the office space. Doors, frames, fixtures, light fittings, electrical sockets, switches, shelving, cupboards, desks, chairs, drawers, storage units and cabinets were all cleaned, ensuring they were free from dust, debris and any traces of construction materials.

In areas such as kitchens, servery spaces, showers and washrooms, Cklip Commercial Cleaning undertook deep cleaning of the tilework, paying close attention to grout and plaster residues. This thorough cleaning process ensured that these areas were left spotless and hygienic. Furthermore, all sanitary fixtures, including toilets, cisterns, sinks and mirrors, were cleaned, polished and restored to their original shine.

The builders clean and sparkle clean services extended to the newly installed kitchen and servery areas as well. This involved cleaning of all appliances, equipment, walls and floors, leaving no corner untouched. Every effort was made to ensure that these spaces were not only visually appealing but also clean and ready for use.

By addressing every aspect of the refurbishment space, Cklip Commercial Cleaning played a vital role in transforming the Reece Group’s office into a pristine and inviting environment. Their attention to detail, professionalism and comprehensive cleaning services contributed to creating a fresh and revitalised workspace that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Review: Hand Over

Following the completion of the builders clean and sparkle clean for the Reece Group office refurbishment, Cklip Commercial Cleaning received a positive review and commendation for their services. Acting on behalf of Brims Construction, Cklip successfully fulfilled their assigned tasks, meeting the client’s expectations and leaving them fully satisfied with the results.

The cleaning process primarily involved working on the extensive internal glazing within the office space. While the task was straightforward, it required precision and attention to detail to ensure the glazing surfaces were immaculate. Cklip’s approach and high-quality cleaning methods left a lasting impression on the site manager, who expressed great satisfaction with the completed work.

The positive outcome of the project has led to a strong working relationship between Brims Construction and Cklip Commercial Cleaning. The site manager, impressed by Cklip’s professionalism and expertise, has extended invitations to collaborate on various new projects, demonstrating the level of trust and confidence in their ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Throughout the collaboration, Brims Construction experienced open and responsive communication from Cklip’s management team. They found Cklip’s managers and cleaning operatives to be highly attentive to their needs, promptly addressing any concerns or issues that arose during the cleaning process. This effective collaboration and willingness to engage openly further strengthened the partnership between the two companies, ensuring a smooth and successful project delivery.

For more information about Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s builders cleaning solutions, interested parties are encouraged to visit their dedicated builders cleaning page. The page provides detailed insights into their comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique requirements of construction projects. To explore these services further or to arrange a free site visit, individuals can easily get in touch with Cklip Commercial Cleaning.

The positive review, client satisfaction and the opportunity to collaborate on future projects serve as testaments to Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s commitment to excellence in builders cleaning. Their professional expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality results have positioned them as a trusted partner in the construction industry, with a reputation for exceptional service and customer satisfaction.