Royal Grammer School Newcastle

Royal Grammar School Newcastle

Recognising the integral role that quality buildings play in creating an optimal learning environment, the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle has continuously invested in upgrading its facilities. Situated in its current location since 1906, the school boasts impressive core buildings centred around a magnificent hall. However, to ensure it remains at the forefront of educational excellence, the RGS has embarked on an ambitious program of enhancements, striving to offer the finest facilities among schools in the North of England.

The school’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art amenities was demonstrated in September 2015 with the unveiling of a new sports facility. This impressive addition featured a modern swimming pool, a second sports hall equipped with a climbing wall, a fitness suite, a weights room, an aerobic dance studio, a suite of sports offices and upgraded administration and changing rooms. These enhancements catered to the school’s diverse sporting needs, further enhancing the overall student experience.

Building on this success, phase three of the school’s development plan reached completion in September 2019 with the inauguration of a cutting-edge library building. Beyond its role as a library, this facility also encompassed art studios, mathematics classrooms, a pastoral suite and an assembly space. The addition of these functional spaces provided students with an enriched academic environment conducive to exploration and creativity.

In January 2020, the school proudly unveiled its new Sixth Form centre, marking the combination of the old sixth form and library spaces into a modern and substantially expanded area. The open-plan design of the centre promotes collaboration and independent study, offering individual study pods, a dedicated bank of computers exclusively for Sixth Form students, areas for collaborative work, printing and photocopying facilities and a contemporary coffee bar serving a range of barista-style hot and cold beverages and snacks. This state-of-the-art facility reflects the school’s commitment to empowering students in their academic pursuits.

The Royal Grammar School also places great emphasis on providing cutting-edge IT facilities. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors, facilitating dynamic and engaging learning experiences. With 13 computer suites available to students and Wi-Fi accessibility throughout the campus, the school ensures that students have access to the latest technological resources. Additionally, the Junior School boasts class sets of iPads, further enriching the learning process.

The Performing Arts Centre at the school stands as a testament to its dedication to fostering artistic expression. Anchored by an impressive theatre equipped with professional sound and lighting facilities, the centre offers raked seating for over 300 spectators.

The facility also encompasses a fully equipped recording studio, a dance studio featuring ballet barres and a sprung floor, a keyboard lab and 10 individual teaching rooms utilised for private music tuition. These exceptional amenities provide students with a platform to explore their creative passions and showcase their talents.

To further support the school’s commitment to science and technology education, a large Science and Technology Centre was established. This comprehensive facility houses 15 specialist science laboratories dedicated to biology, chemistry and physics, as well as two design and technology laboratories and a fully equipped teaching kitchen. These purpose-built spaces enable students to engage in hands-on scientific exploration and technological innovation, nurturing their curiosity and practical skills.

The Royal Grammar School’s commitment to sports is evident through its extensive on-site and off-site facilities. The school boasts a state-of-the-art artificial turf pitch, a dedicated rugby pitch and multiple play areas. Off-site, the school utilises a football pitch, three rugby pitches and the nearby Jesmond cricket ground, a mere five-minute walk from the school.

In addition to these facilities, the school collaborates with various city-based venues to offer students access to a wide range of sporting activities. These venues include football fields, tennis courts, indoor climbing facilities, squash courts, hockey fields and athletics tracks. By leveraging these external resources, the Royal Grammar School ensures that students have ample opportunities to participate in a diverse array of sports, fostering physical fitness, teamwork and a competitive spirit.

With its ongoing commitment to enhancing its educational environment, the Royal Grammar School Newcastle Sixth Form Centre refurbishment exemplifies the school’s dedication to providing a holistic and enriching experience for its students. By creating modern and purpose-built spaces, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, the school aims to empower students to excel academically, artistically and athletically.


Royal Grammar School (RGS), located in Newcastle upon Tyne, embarked on an ambitious nine-phase masterplan to enhance its campus and provide an exceptional learning environment for its students. As a flagship institution for boys’ education, RGS prioritised the improvement of its facilities to support academic excellence.

Brims Construction, a renowned construction contractor, was entrusted with the refurbishment of the new Sixth Form Centre at RGS. The project involved constructing a new mezzanine floor within the existing school structure and carrying out internal renovations to transform the space. The construction work, including internal demolitions, substructure enhancements and steelwork installations, presented challenges due to the school’s continued operation throughout most of the project duration. Some construction activities were strategically scheduled during the school summer holidays to minimise disruption.

The completion of the new library building marked the conclusion of phase 3 of RGS’s ambitious plans. This impressive 2,600 square meter facility, which replaced the original swimming pool, houses art studios, maths classrooms, a pastoral suite and an assembly space. The library also incorporates modern amenities, including lecture rooms, seminar rooms, an IT hub and a care centre catering to pastoral and medical services for students. These additions further solidify RGS’s commitment to creating an exceptional educational environment.

To optimise space utilisation, the refurbishment project involved repurposing the former design and technology labs into state-of-the-art chemistry labs. Additionally, a fourth-floor extension spanning 725 square meters was constructed over the existing three-story ‘spine’ block, situated between two central courtyards. This vertical expansion within the existing building footprint allowed for the creation of improved dining facilities, a suite of nine modern language classrooms, a language laboratory, new offices, a break-out learning space and a 160-person seminar or examination room.

A notable feature of the new facility is the inclusion of an ‘Agora,’ a gathering place designed to foster student collaboration and the exchange of ideas. This communal space encourages intellectual engagement and reflects RGS’s commitment to holistic education.

Throughout the project, careful planning and phased decanting strategies were employed to ensure smooth transitions of working areas, allowing refurbishment works to progress efficiently. This approach enabled Brims Construction and its partners, including Cklip Commercial Cleaning, to swiftly adapt and complete necessary moves as construction activities advanced.

Durham-based architectural and interior design practice, Howarth Litchfield, played a crucial role in the project. Acting as the architect, interior designer and CDM coordinator, they were responsible for submitting the original planning application for the library development and obtaining approval from the Newcastle City Council for revised detailed designs.

The collaboration between Brims Construction, Cklip Commercial Cleaning and other stakeholders showcased a commitment to excellence in refurbishing the Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Centre. Through their collective efforts, RGS continues to set a high standard for educational facilities, providing an inspiring learning environment for both students and educators.

Analysis: Site Visit

The Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Centre refurbishment project in Newcastle was set in motion with the collaboration of various stakeholders. Brims, a reputable construction contractor, was selected as the main contractor for the project, while Cklip Commercial Cleaning was entrusted with the crucial task of carrying out the builders clean and sparkle clean.

To ensure a thorough understanding of the site and project requirements, Cklip conducted a comprehensive site visit. The purpose of this visit was to assess the scope of work, evaluate the existing conditions and gather essential information for planning and executing the builders clean and sparkle clean to the highest standards.

During the site visit, Cklip’s team of experts surveyed the Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Centre. They examined the construction progress, reviewed the architectural plans and specifications and took note of any specific cleaning requirements or challenges unique to the project. This detailed analysis enabled Cklip to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s intricacies and tailor their cleaning approach accordingly.

Following the site visit, Cklip engaged in negotiations with Brims to finalise the scope of work and ensure alignment with the project’s overall objectives. Cklip’s expertise and track record in delivering high-quality cleaning services played a crucial role in securing the contract for the builders clean and sparkle clean.

To strengthen their bid, Cklip prepared and submitted a comprehensive tender that outlined their proposed cleaning methodologies, timelines and the resources required to achieve exceptional results. This detailed submission demonstrated Cklip’s commitment to delivering a superior cleaning service that would complement Brims’ construction efforts and meet the Royal Grammar School’s expectations.

As a result of their diligent site visit, effective negotiations and compelling tender submission, Cklip Commercial Cleaning was awarded the contract for the builders clean and sparkle clean of the Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Centre. This recognition affirmed Cklip’s expertise, professionalism and ability to meet the project’s stringent cleaning standards.

With the assignment secured, Cklip was poised to embark on the builders clean and sparkle clean, ready to transform the construction site into a pristine and welcoming environment. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail would ensure that the Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Centre would be presented at its finest, reflecting the dedication of all parties involved in creating a remarkable educational facility.

Planning: Site Survey

The refurbishment project of the Royal Grammar School’s Sixth Form Centre in Newcastle required meticulous planning and adherence to strict health and safety standards. Cklip Commercial Cleaning, the appointed construction cleaning contractor, undertook a comprehensive site survey as part of the planning process to ensure a safe and efficient execution of the builders clean and sparkle clean tasks.

Given that the cleaning activities would be conducted simultaneously with the presence of building contractors on site, it was imperative for Cklip to assess and manage potential risks associated with the cleaning process. A thorough risk assessment was performed to identify any potential hazards and develop appropriate control measures to mitigate them effectively. This comprehensive evaluation allowed Cklip to establish safe working practices, ensuring the well-being of all operatives involved in the cleaning operations.

Additionally, detailed method statements were prepared by Cklip, outlining the step-by-step procedures and methodologies that would be employed during the cleaning process. These method statements served as a guide for the cleaning team, ensuring consistency, efficiency and adherence to industry best practices.

Recognising the paramount importance of health and safety in construction projects, Cklip demonstrated their commitment to maintaining the highest standards by providing essential certifications and accreditations. They presented their team’s valid CSCS cards (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) to verify their competency and qualifications in the construction industry. Moreover, Cklip showcased their compliance with rigorous health and safety standards by possessing certifications such as CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold certification. These certifications validated Cklip’s dedication to maintaining a safe working environment and their ability to meet the stringent requirements set by regulatory bodies.

By conducting the site survey and implementing rigorous risk assessments and method statements, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their commitment to the safety and well-being of all personnel involved in the project. Their compliance with industry standards and certifications instilled confidence in both the Royal Grammar School and Brims, ensuring that the cleaning operations would be executed professionally, efficiently and in strict accordance with health and safety regulations.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

During the implementation phase of the Royal Grammar School’s Newcastle Sixth Form Centre refurbishment, Cklip Commercial Cleaning, the appointed construction cleaning contractor, carried out a comprehensive builders clean and sparkle clean to ensure the premises were in pristine condition for handover.

The cleaning process encompassed a wide range of tasks aimed at restoring the newly constructed Sixth Form centre to its optimal state. To begin, Cklip’s experienced cleaning team vacuumed and mopped all floors throughout the facility, paying close attention to removing any traces of paint, plaster and glue that may have accumulated during the construction process. This ensured that the floors were free from debris and left with a clean and polished appearance.

Furthermore, Cklip’s diligent cleaners focused on attending to various surfaces and fixtures within the premises. Skirting boards, doors, frames and other architectural features were meticulously cleaned to remove dust, dirt and any construction residues, leaving them looking pristine. Fixtures such as light fittings, electrical sockets and switches were carefully cleaned and polished, ensuring they were not only visually appealing but also in a pristine working condition.

Special attention was given to the glazing elements of the Sixth Form centre. Cklip’s cleaning team took care of cleaning the glazing, including the sills, frames and insulation materials. By employing industry-approved cleaning techniques and solutions, they ensured that the glazing was spotless and free from smudges, enhancing the overall appearance of the windows and allowing natural light to illuminate the interior.

In addition to the comprehensive cleaning of surfaces, Cklip also dedicated efforts to deep cleaning the tilework in all toilets. This involved cleaning of grout and plaster residues, ensuring the tiles were free from any unsightly stains or marks. The team also paid attention to the sanitary fixtures, including cisterns, sinks and mirrors, which were cleaned, sanitised and polished to provide a hygienic and visually pleasing environment for the students and staff.

By carrying out the builders clean and sparkle clean with attention to detail, Cklip Commercial Cleaning played a vital role in ensuring that the newly refurbished Sixth Form centre at the Royal Grammar School was presented in an immaculate condition. Their professional expertise, combined with their commitment to delivering high-quality results, contributed to creating a clean, safe and visually appealing environment for the students and staff as they embarked on their educational journey in the modernised facility.

Review: Hand Over

The builders clean and sparkle clean for the Royal Grammar School Newcastle Sixth Form Centre refurbishment posed unique challenges due to its location within a heavily populated housing area and in the grounds of a live school. To ensure a smooth handover, Cklip Commercial Cleaning, in close collaboration with Brims, implemented meticulous planning and strategic measures to minimise disruption and maintain the seamless operation of the school.

Given the sensitive location of the project, it was crucial to control the start and finish times of work on site, carefully considering the impact on the surrounding community. Cklip and Brims adopted a considerate approach, ensuring that construction activities were scheduled to cause minimal disturbance to the residents. By adhering to predefined timelines and implementing strict protocols, they were able to mitigate any potential disruption and maintain harmonious relations with the neighbouring community.

The project’s proximity to the live school necessitated planning and coordination to avoid any disruptions to teaching and learning activities. Cklip and Brims recognised the importance of forward planning and collaborated closely to develop effective segregation strategies. These strategies ensured that construction activities were effectively separated from the operational areas of the school, safeguarding the students, staff and visitors.

A paramount aspect of the project was the implementation of robust health and safety processes. Cklip Commercial Cleaning, as the construction cleaning contractor, worked in close partnership with Brims to establish comprehensive health and safety measures aligned with industry standards and regulations. These measures encompassed risk assessments, method statements and the provision of relevant certifications, such as CSCS cards, CHAS, Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold certification. By prioritising safety throughout the project, Cklip and Brims ensured the well-being of all operatives and stakeholders involved.

Collaborative planning and proactive management strategies played a crucial role in minimising disruption. Cklip Commercial Cleaning and Brims collaborated closely to optimise the phasing and programming of the works. By carefully coordinating construction activities, they were able to ensure that school operations remained unaffected, allowing teaching and learning to proceed smoothly. This involved careful coordination of resources, efficient scheduling of tasks and proactive communication with the school administration.

The successful handover of the Royal Grammar School Newcastle Sixth Form Centre refurbishment was a testament to the collaborative efforts of Cklip Commercial Cleaning and Brims. Their commitment to meticulous planning, proactive management and adherence to health and safety regulations ensured the project’s smooth execution and minimised disruptions. By maintaining a harmonious relationship with the surrounding community and prioritising the uninterrupted functioning of the live school, Cklip Commercial Cleaning and Brims delivered a successful builders clean and sparkle clean, meeting the client’s expectations and providing a conducive learning environment for the students and staff.