Stack Seaburn

Stack Seaburn

STACK Seaburn logoSunderland’s ambitious plans for its inaugural experiential leisure destination have been unveiled, signalling a significant milestone in the city’s regeneration project. This innovative venture involves the creative utilisation of 87 shipping containers, promising to bring 150 new jobs to the region.

Inspired by the resounding success of Stack Newcastle, a second shipping container village has been constructed on the scenic south side of the river, nestled along the captivating coastline of Seaburn. The project’s construction commenced in 2019 following the approval of planning permission by Sunderland City Council, which was granted to Danieli Holdings. With a budget of £2.5 million, the venture officially opened its doors on September 4th, 2020, marking a significant step in Sunderland’s overall regeneration efforts.

Brims Construction, selected as the primary contractor by Danieli Holdings, spearheaded the development of this second shipping container village in the North East. The construction and fit-out process encompassed the creation of a two-story structure, adorned with shipping containers, perfectly positioned opposite the breath-taking Seaburn coastline.

The Stack boasts a multitude of amenities, featuring a spacious decked area on the first floor and a vibrant ground floor housing a central stage. This lively hub offers a diverse range of culinary delights and leisure activities to indulge in. The scope of the construction encompassed various elements, including groundworks, drainage systems and foundation establishment. The skilled team also undertook joinery works, assembling steelwork and installing dry lining within the containers. Now fully realised, the Stack stands as a testament to the grand vision of enhancing community facilities in the local area, destined to attract residents and visitors alike for many years to come.

Among the esteemed businesses participating in Sunderland’s most exciting project to date, several notable names have come on board. Acropolis Street Food, renowned for its tantalising Greek cuisine, adds a unique flavour to the venue. Local establishment Woofs n Scruffs brings their doggy day-care expertise to cater to furry friends, while Downey’s Fish and Chips, an award-winning establishment, tempts visitors with their mouth-watering offerings. Chapos Tacos, a beloved family-run Mexican street food vendor, injects a vibrant culinary experience into the mix. Café YOLO, known for its premium coffee and delectable selection of breakfast, lunch, pancakes and baked goods, further enriches the Stack’s diverse culinary landscape. Lastly, Healthy Thaim, a Thai street food vendor with a focus on nutritious options, entices visitors with its unique take on traditional Thai cuisine.

Together, these exceptional businesses contribute to the allure and vibrancy of Sunderland’s latest venture, epitomising the city’s commitment to rejuvenation and creating a thriving social hub for the community.


Stack Seaburn, located on Whitburn Road-Morrisons in Sunderland, is an eagerly anticipated container village spearheaded by Danieli Holdings. Brims, the construction contractor tasked with bringing this visionary project to life, has partnered with Cklip Commercial Cleaning to ensure the site’s pristine condition. Cklip’s assignment includes a builders clean and sparkle clean of washrooms, as well as ground-level external window cleaning.

Originally slated for a spring 2020 opening, the container village faced unforeseen delays due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis. This setback disrupted the steady progress of the project, which had already witnessed the placement of several shipping containers. However, like many developments across the North East, work ground to a halt as lockdown measures restricted movement to only essential workers.

Adjacent to the Stack Seaburn project lies The Seaburn Inn, a new establishment being constructed by the acclaimed The Inn Collection Group. This 40-bedroom pub, located on the former site of Pullman Lodge, adds another dimension to the vibrant atmosphere being cultivated in the area. The Inn Collection Group, known for their multiple award-winning venue, Seaton Lane Inn near Seaham and successful sites in Northumberland, brings their expertise and vision to enhance the overall appeal of the Seaburn locale.

The revitalisation plans for the seafront stretch far beyond the Stack and The Seaburn Inn. Transforming a former toilet block in Roker, as well as the old bay shelter and tram shelter in Seaburn, into inviting cafes and restaurants are part of the comprehensive vision. Additionally, 12 beach huts are set to grace the picturesque seafront, further enriching the recreational options available to residents and visitors.

The announcement of the government’s decision to allow the reopening of bars, pubs and restaurants from July 4th, 2020, served as a pivotal moment, reigniting the construction efforts on the Stack Seaburn site. This news brought a renewed sense of momentum and anticipation, as stakeholders and the community eagerly awaited the completion and unveiling of this remarkable experiential leisure destination.

Brims, the construction contractor, has high expectations for Cklip Commercial Cleaning. As their chosen cleaning contractor, Brims relies on Cklip to deliver meticulous builders clean and sparkle clean services for the washrooms, ensuring they are immaculate and ready to welcome visitors.

Additionally, Cklip is entrusted with the crucial task of performing external window cleaning on the ground level, contributing to the overall pristine appearance of the Stack Seaburn site.

With Brims and Cklip working in tandem, the Stack Seaburn project is poised to realise its full potential as an exceptional leisure destination, captivating visitors and fostering a vibrant atmosphere along Sunderland’s picturesque coastline.

Analysis: Site Visit

Stack Seaburn, situated on Whitburn Road-Morrisons in Sunderland, represents a remarkable venture led by Danieli Holdings. With Brims serving as the construction contractor, meticulous attention to detail is paramount, including the crucial aspect of construction cleaning. Cklip Commercial Cleaning has been entrusted with this responsibility, tasked with delivering a builders clean and sparkle clean for the washrooms, as well as ground level external window cleaning.

To ensure a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements, our diligent project manager conducted a site visit to The Stack Seaburn. The primary objective was to meet with the site manager and conduct a comprehensive survey of the premises. This hands-on approach allowed for an in-depth analysis of the site’s unique features, considering any specific cleaning challenges that may arise during the construction phase.

During the site visit, our project manager meticulously inspected the various areas of the Stack Seaburn, paying particular attention to the washrooms and ground-level windows. Detailed measurements and assessments were made to accurately determine the scope of work involved in the builders clean and sparkle clean processes. Factors such as the layout, materials used and accessibility were taken into consideration to devise the most effective and efficient cleaning strategies.

Engaging in open and transparent communication with the site manager, our project manager discussed specific requirements and expectations, ensuring a clear understanding of the desired cleanliness standards. This collaborative approach fostered a strong working relationship, allowing for effective coordination between Brims, Cklip Commercial Cleaning and other stakeholders involved in the project.

The site visit not only served as an opportunity to assess the cleaning needs of the Stack Seaburn but also enabled our project manager to gain valuable insights into the overall progress of the construction. Observations regarding the placement of shipping containers, the structural elements in place and any potential hindrances were noted, ensuring that our cleaning services align seamlessly with the evolving construction process.

By conducting a thorough analysis during the site visit, our project manager gathered crucial information that will inform the meticulous planning and execution of the builders clean and sparkle clean. This attention to detail will guarantee that the washrooms are immaculate, ensuring a pleasant experience for future visitors. Additionally, the ground level external window cleaning will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Stack Seaburn, reflecting the commitment to excellence in all aspects of the project.

The collaborative efforts between Brims, Cklip Commercial Cleaning and the site manager are essential in realising the vision of the Stack Seaburn. With a comprehensive understanding of the site’s unique requirements and a meticulous approach to cleaning, the construction phase will be carried out with precision, setting the stage for a remarkable experiential leisure destination on Sunderland’s picturesque coastline.

Planning: Site Survey

In preparation for the cleaning operations at Stack Seaburn, a comprehensive planning phase was initiated by Cklip Commercial Cleaning. Given the ongoing presence of building contractors and the COVID-19 pandemic, strict risk assessments and method statements were crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel involved. To demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations, Cklip Commercial Cleaning provided various certifications, including CSCS cards, CHAS, Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold certification.

The meticulous risk assessments were conducted to identify and evaluate potential hazards and risks associated with the cleaning tasks. Factors such as working at height, handling cleaning chemicals and working near ongoing construction activities were carefully considered. This proactive approach aimed to establish comprehensive safety measures that would mitigate any potential risks and create a secure working environment.

Method statements were formulated to outline the step-by-step procedures for carrying out the builders clean and sparkle clean of the washrooms, as well as the ground level external window cleaning. These detailed documents provided clear instructions, highlighting the specific cleaning techniques, equipment to be used and safety precautions to be followed during each stage of the cleaning process.

Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s commitment to maintaining high safety standards was evident through their possession of CSCS cards, which demonstrate the competence and qualifications of their workforce in the construction industry. Additionally, certifications such as CHAS, Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold served as evidence of their compliance with health and safety regulations, underscoring their dedication to creating a secure work environment.

By implementing strict risk assessments, method statements and providing relevant certifications, Cklip Commercial Cleaning ensured that all operatives involved in the cleaning operations at Stack Seaburn were equipped with the necessary knowledge, training and protective measures to carry out their tasks safely. This proactive approach to health and safety not only protected the well-being of the cleaning team but also contributed to the overall success of the project.

The commitment displayed by Cklip Commercial Cleaning in adhering to stringent health and safety protocols during the planning phase exemplifies their dedication to delivering a top-quality cleaning service while prioritising the well-being of all personnel involved. This meticulous attention to detail and emphasis on safety laid a solid foundation for the upcoming cleaning operations at Stack Seaburn, setting the stage for the successful realisation of this exceptional experiential leisure destination.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

The implementation phase of the Stack Seaburn project involved the final construction and decoration works as the site prepared for its highly anticipated opening on September 4th, 2020. As the appointed construction cleaning contractor, Cklip Commercial Cleaning was tasked by Brims to carry out a comprehensive builders clean and sparkle clean of the washrooms, as well as ground level external window cleaning for the shipping container village.

The washrooms within the Stack Seaburn were meticulously scheduled for cleaning, ensuring each area received the necessary attention. The cleaning process encompassed a range of tasks, including thorough vacuuming and mopping of floors to eliminate any remnants of paint, plaster or glue. Doors, frames and fixtures were carefully cleaned to achieve a pristine appearance. The tilework underwent a deep cleaning, ensuring grout and plaster residues were completely removed. Toilets, cisterns, sinks and mirrors were meticulously cleaned and polished, adding the final touches to the washroom facilities.

In parallel, the external window cleaning of the ground level shipping container village was carried out using traditional methods. Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s skilled window cleaning operative expertly applied an eco-friendly cleaning solution to each window using an applicator. The windows were then manually cleaned with a squeegee, ensuring a streak-free finish. Additionally, the windowsills, ledges and frames were thoroughly wiped down with a clean cloth, leaving the windows immaculate and enhancing the overall appearance of the shipping container village.

The Stack Seaburn distinguishes itself from the original Newcastle city centre Stack with its distinctive turquoise blue hue, specifically chosen to harmonize with its idyllic coastal location.

As the construction phase neared completion, signage was installed on over 20 shipping containers, which housed a diverse array of food and drink traders, as well as lifestyle brands. The central plaza, adorned with outdoor seating, heaters, fire pits, giant screens and a stage, was also completed, creating an inviting space for live entertainment and socialising.

A notable feature of the Stack Seaburn is the bridal suite situated above the main entrance, providing stunning views of the coastline. This exclusive suite boasts a terrace, hot tub and outdoor shower, offering a unique setting for weddings. Accessibility was prioritised, with all floors accessible via a lift, ensuring that the venue is welcoming to individuals of all abilities.

The utilisation of shipping containers in the Stack Seaburn project reflects a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to creating new spaces, a trend popularised in areas like East London. All the shipping containers used in the Stack Seaburn had prior usage and were acquired from Cleveland Containers. They were reinforced and adapted for their new purpose, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing environmental impact.

Danieli Holdings, the driving force behind the Stack Seaburn project, holds a seven-and-a-half-year lease on the site, exemplifying their long-term commitment to transforming the area into a vibrant and engaging leisure destination.

Review: Hand Over

Throughout the course of the Stack Seaburn project, the construction site operated with a steadfast commitment to safety and compliance with government regulations, especially considering the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The site team, led by Brims, demonstrated exceptional adaptability and responsiveness in managing changes in work practices, evolving government guidelines and implementing stringent public health measures. This proactive approach ensured that the project progressed smoothly despite the unprecedented circumstances, allowing for the timely completion of the construction.

The implementation of robust health and safety protocols was paramount in mitigating the potential impact of the pandemic on the project’s timeline. The construction team meticulously adhered to all recommended safety measures, including social distancing, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and implementing thorough sanitisation procedures. By diligently implementing these precautions, the team created a secure working environment for all personnel involved in the construction activities, minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission and ensuring the well-being of everyone on site.

In response to the dynamic nature of the pandemic, the site team effectively managed changes in work practices and government regulations. They promptly adapted to new guidelines, incorporating them into their operations seamlessly. This flexibility enabled the project to proceed without significant disruptions, ensuring that progress was maintained despite the challenging circumstances. The team’s ability to navigate through these uncertainties reflects their competence and commitment to delivering the project on schedule.

The successful completion of the Stack Seaburn project within the anticipated timeline is a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of the construction team led by Brims. Their unwavering dedication to maintaining health and safety standards, adhering to government regulations and swiftly adapting to changing circumstances allowed for a smooth handover of the project. Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Brims demonstrated their ability to deliver exceptional results while ensuring the well-being of their workforce.

To learn more about Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s expertise in builders cleaning solutions, please visit our dedicated builders cleaning page. Whether you require builders clean services or any other cleaning solutions, our team is ready to assist you. Contact us to arrange a free site visit, where we can assess your specific requirements and provide tailored cleaning solutions to meet your needs.