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Student Gateway

Brims Construction, a trusted contractor renowned for their expertise, was awarded the prestigious task of refurbishing the Student Gateway building at the University of Sunderland in May 2018. Recognising the significance of the gateway area on St. Peter’s campus, the university sought to revitalise the space and enhance the range of services it offered, thereby fostering a more cohesive and enriching environment for students.

The comprehensive redevelopment project entailed the construction of a brand-new entrance, complemented by the creative repurposing of the existing entrance to align with the new layout. Throughout the construction process, the adjacent Prospect building continued to operate at full capacity, remaining unaffected by the ongoing works within the site boundary.

The executed refurbishment transformed the Student Gateway building into a multifunctional space that seamlessly integrates various essential services. The revitalised facility now encompasses general administrative functions, catering services and dedicated areas for student informal study. Notably, the renovation project placed a strong emphasis on accommodating the University’s careers and employability service, further underscoring the institution’s commitment to fostering professional growth and development among its students.

Brims Construction, renowned for their exceptional workmanship and attention to detail, undertook this transformative endeavour with their signature expertise. By collaborating closely with the University of Sunderland, Brims ensured that the vision for the Student Gateway building was realised, creating an inviting and dynamic hub that supports the academic and personal success of students.

The successful completion of this refurbishment project stands as a testament to the fruitful partnership between Brims Construction and the University of Sunderland. Through their collective efforts, the Student Gateway building has been revitalised into a vibrant and functional space, poised to provide students with a wide range of invaluable resources and services.


The Student Gateway at the University of Sunderland holds a pivotal role in providing essential services and support to students, serving as a central hub for information, guidance and resources. To enhance the overall student experience and create a more cohesive and dynamic environment, the University embarked on a significant refurbishment project. Brims Construction, renowned for their expertise in delivering high-quality construction projects, was entrusted with the task of bringing the vision for the Student Gateway building to life.

The refurbishment project at the Student Gateway aimed to revitalise the existing facility and transform it into a state-of-the-art space that meets the evolving needs of the University’s student community. The project encompassed a comprehensive range of construction activities, including interior remodelling, spatial reconfiguration, infrastructure upgrades and the integration of modern technologies. The goal was to create an inviting, functional and adaptable environment that fosters collaboration, engagement and academic success.

The refurbished Student Gateway sought to provide an enhanced student experience by offering a seamless and efficient access point to essential university services, resources and support systems. The design focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive space that promotes student well-being, productivity and social interaction.

The project aimed to optimise the functionality of the Student Gateway by reimagining the layout and spatial organisation. Through careful planning and consultation, the interior spaces were strategically configured to improve circulation, accommodate diverse activities and provide intuitive wayfinding.

Embracing the digital age, the refurbishment project aimed to incorporate advanced technologies and digital infrastructure to facilitate seamless connectivity and access to online resources. This included the integration of interactive displays, self-service kiosks and enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities to support student learning, research and collaboration.

As part of the University’s commitment to sustainability, the refurbishment project emphasised eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions. The Student Gateway was designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating energy-saving lighting systems, efficient HVAC systems and sustainable material choices, aligning with the University’s broader environmental goals.

The scope of work undertaken by Brims Construction encompassed various aspects of the refurbishment project. This involved the comprehensive refurbishment of the existing interior spaces, including the reception area, information desks, study zones, meeting rooms and student support offices. The aim was to create a modern and flexible layout that promotes collaboration, innovation and a sense of community.

The project involved reconfiguring the existing floor plan to optimise space utilisation and create dedicated areas for specific functions. This included the allocation of zones for student services, counselling and well-being, career development, academic support and informal study spaces.

To meet the technological demands of the modern student, the project included upgrading the building’s infrastructure, such as electrical systems, data connectivity and audio-visual equipment. This allowed for the seamless integration of digital platforms and interactive displays throughout the Student Gateway.

Brims Construction focused on improving the aesthetic appeal of the Student Gateway through carefully selected finishes, colour schemes and modern furnishings. The aim was to create a visually stimulating and inspiring environment that reflects the University’s brand identity and fosters a sense of pride among students.

The refurbishment project prioritised accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that the Student Gateway is accessible to all students, including those with disabilities. This involved the installation of ramps, elevators, accessible washrooms and the implementation of universal design principles throughout the building.

The refurbishment of the Student Gateway at the University of Sunderland, entrusted to Brims Construction, aimed to create an innovative and student-centric space that supports academic achievement, personal development and student well-being. Through meticulous planning, careful execution and a commitment to quality, Brims Construction worked in close collaboration with the University to transform the Student Gateway into a vibrant and functional hub. The refurbished facility will serve as a beacon of support, guidance and connectivity for the University’s student community for years to come.

Analysis: Site Visit

Cklip Commercial Cleaning embarked on a thorough site visit to the Student Gateway at the University of Sunderland, immersing themselves in the project and understanding the specific cleaning needs of the construction site. This visit allowed Cklip to closely collaborate with the construction contractor, Brims and the site manager to establish a comprehensive plan for the cleaning assignment.

During the site visit, Cklip’s team of experts assessed the conditions and intricacies of the Student Gateway. They engaged in detailed discussions with the site manager to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives, timelines and specific cleaning requirements. The aim was to align their cleaning services with the construction schedule, ensuring efficient coordination and seamless integration of cleaning activities with ongoing construction work.

The discussions with the site manager provided valuable insights into the nature and extent of the cleaning tasks required. Cklip Commercial Cleaning diligently documented these requirements, paying attention to every aspect of the cleaning process. This included the builders clean, sparkle clean, internal high-level cleaning and external window cleaning, all of which were critical for achieving the desired level of cleanliness and presentation of the Student Gateway.

Cklip’s team of experts leveraged their extensive knowledge and experience in construction cleaning to analyse the site thoroughly. They considered the unique challenges and intricacies presented by the construction environment, including the presence of construction debris, dust and other residues that needed to be effectively addressed. By conducting a detailed analysis, Cklip was able to develop tailored strategies and cleaning methodologies to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene were met throughout the Student Gateway.

Moreover, Cklip Commercial Cleaning took a proactive approach in assessing the specific safety and compliance requirements associated with the construction site. They carefully reviewed the Health and Safety guidelines, regulations and protocols set forth by the University of Sunderland and implemented measures to mitigate potential risks and hazards during the cleaning process. This included ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), adherence to safe working practices and effective coordination with the construction team to maintain a secure and hazard-free environment for all operatives involved.

The site visit conducted by Cklip Commercial Cleaning at the Student Gateway of the University of Sunderland provided a comprehensive understanding of the cleaning requirements and challenges associated with the construction site. By collaborating closely with the site manager and construction contractor, Brims, Cklip gathered crucial information to develop a tailored cleaning plan that encompassed builders clean, sparkle clean, internal high-level cleaning and external window cleaning.

With a keen focus on safety, compliance and attention to detail, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning services in line with the University’s standards and expectations. By conducting a thorough analysis and assessment, Cklip was well-equipped to proceed with the cleaning assignment, ensuring the Student Gateway would be presented in its best condition, ready to serve the needs of the University community.

Planning: Site Survey

To ensure a smooth and safe execution of the cleaning project at the Student Gateway of the University of Sunderland, Cklip Commercial Cleaning conducted an extensive site survey. The survey was conducted in close collaboration with the construction contractor, Brims and adhered to strict risk assessments and method statements to prioritise the well-being of all operatives involved.

With the utmost regard for Health and Safety, Cklip assessed the site to identify any potential hazards and risks that could arise during the cleaning process. This included evaluating the presence of construction materials, debris and other substances that could pose challenges or compromise the safety of the cleaning team. By conducting a thorough analysis, Cklip could develop tailored strategies to mitigate risks and create a secure working environment for all operatives.

Furthermore, Cklip ensured that all cleaning operatives possessed the necessary CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) cards. These certifications indicate that the cleaners have the appropriate training and qualifications to work safely and efficiently in a construction environment. Additionally, Cklip provided evidence of CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold certifications, underscoring their commitment to upholding the highest standards of Health and Safety compliance.

Based on the site survey findings and in consultation with Brims, Cklip established a comprehensive timeline for the completion of the builders clean and sparkle clean. It was agreed that both cleaning phases would be accomplished within a tight timeframe of two weeks, demonstrating the efficiency and dedication of the cleaning team.

By diligently undertaking the planning phase, Cklip Commercial Cleaning set the foundation for a successful cleaning operation. The strict adherence to Health and Safety protocols, coupled with the coordination between Brims and Cklip, ensured that all necessary measures were in place to guarantee the well-being of the cleaning operatives and the seamless integration of cleaning activities alongside the ongoing construction work.

The site survey conducted by Cklip Commercial Cleaning at the Student Gateway of the University of Sunderland exemplified their commitment to thorough planning and Health and Safety compliance. Through comprehensive risk assessments, adherence to industry certifications and close collaboration with Brims, Cklip demonstrated their dedication to creating a secure working environment for all operatives involved.

By establishing a two-week timeline for the builders clean and sparkle clean, Cklip showcased their efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality cleaning services within challenging time constraints. The planning phase served as a solid foundation for the subsequent execution of the cleaning project, ensuring that the Student Gateway would be transformed into a pristine and welcoming space for the University community.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

The refurbishment project at the Student Gateway of the University of Sunderland presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities for Cklip Commercial Cleaning. With a program spanning approximately 16 weeks, the project aimed to transform the space with a modern design while ensuring thorough cleaning of all areas, including internal high-level surfaces and external windows.

The duration of the refurbishment allowed Cklip Commercial Cleaning to review, update and establish efficient procedures that benefited all parties involved, including the client, staff and Cklip themselves. This comprehensive approach ensured that the cleaning process seamlessly integrated into the overall project, resulting in a successful collaboration.

The cleaning schedule was carefully planned, with a two-week timeframe allocated for the builders clean and sparkle clean phases, which were vital for achieving a pristine and welcoming environment. The builders clean, scheduled for one week, involved a team of four operatives and one scissor lift operator. They tackled the cleaning of internal and high-level glazing, sills and frames, leaving no trace of dust, excess paint, mortar or plaster splashes. Furthermore, support beams, ducting and light fittings were attentively cleaned to ensure a flawless finish.

In addition to these tasks, the builders clean encompassed the wiping of walls, skirting boards and all surfaces to eradicate any lingering dust. Paint and plaster splashes, sticky residue and grout in washrooms were diligently removed, while cisterns, sinks and mirrors underwent a thorough cleaning and polishing. To complete the process, all flooring was vacuumed, mopped or cleaned by hand, ensuring a spotless appearance throughout the premises.

Following the builders clean, the sparkle clean phase commenced, dedicated to perfecting the walls, flooring, fixtures and fittings. This one-week operation involved a team of three skilled operatives. To ensure optimal timing and efficiency, Cklip Commercial Cleaning sought advice from Brims regarding the completion of all snagging activities. This collaborative approach guaranteed that the sparkle clean was impeccably executed, leaving no detail overlooked.

Moreover, Cklip Commercial Cleaning demonstrated their versatility and expertise by efficiently addressing the external cleaning requirements of the Student Gateway. The cleaning of the new entrance windows posed no issues for the dedicated team, who removed any dirt or blemishes, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the building.

Through their meticulous execution of the cleaning works, Cklip Commercial Cleaning played a pivotal role in the successful refurbishment of the Student Gateway. Their commitment to delivering outstanding results and their ability to overcome challenges, particularly regarding high-level cleaning and external window cleaning, ensured the realisation of a pristine, refreshed and inviting space for the University of Sunderland community.

Review: Hand Over

The final week of the project presented Cklip Commercial Cleaning with a significant challenge as other trades experienced delays and slight changes to the program. However, through diligent planning and daily sub-contractor meetings, the team successfully navigated these obstacles and managed to deliver the project on time, much to the satisfaction of the client.

Maintaining the highest standards throughout the process was a top priority for Cklip Commercial Cleaning. They assembled a cohesive and dedicated team of cleaners who were committed to providing a reliable and exceptional service. The attention to detail, efficiency and professionalism exhibited by the cleaning teams impressed not only the client but also Brims, the construction contractor overseeing the project.

The results of the cleaning were met with great admiration by Brims, who commended Cklip Commercial Cleaning for their outstanding work. The seamless management of the cleaning teams and the open lines of communication between Cklip and Brims ensured a smooth collaboration throughout the entire project.

Cklip Commercial Cleaning takes pride in their ability to deliver high-quality cleaning solutions, meeting and exceeding the expectations of their clients. The success of the Student Gateway project is a testament to their dedication, expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

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