Sunningdale SEN School aerial photograph

Sunningdale SEN School

Sunningdale School logosSunderland City Council embarked on an expansion project for Sunningdale Primary School, currently situated at Shaftoe Rd, Springwell, Sunderland SR3 4HA. The plan involved relocating the school to a new site in the St Chads ward, where Silksworth Road and Doxford Park Way intersect.

The new premises would accommodate a nursery and have an overall capacity of 136 places, with 16 nursery spots for young children and 120 primary places for older students. In addition to increasing capacity, the project aimed to address issues of oversubscription and enable smaller class sizes across all age groups.

Previously, Sunningdale Primary School operated from the former Springwell Infant School, which had functioned as a special school since the late 1980s and played a vital role in the local community. The school provided portage provision and acted as a teaching school. Its outstanding quality of provision was acknowledged in the most recent Ofsted inspection.

The primary program at Sunningdale Primary School catered to children between the ages of 5 and 11 with severe learning difficulties, profound and multiple learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Currently, there are 108 students enrolled in the primary program, along with 16 children accessing nursery provision.

The new school was thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of its students. It featured appropriately sized classrooms, expanded hall space and various therapy provisions, including rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, sensory facilities and a soft play area. Each classroom also had a storage area for mobility equipment, essential for students with physical disabilities.

Apart from larger classroom sizes for all age groups, the new site incorporated facilities such as studio resources, practical teaching resources and ICT resources, all crucial for delivering a specialised curriculum.

The development of the new school site focused on maximising outdoor facilities for the students. Forest school facilities, allotments, wetland areas and wilding areas were included to enrich the curriculum and provide opportunities for social, cultural and moral development.

Outdoor learning was recognised as a valuable resource for developing skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and fostering a sense of wonder. It also supported the physical development of students with mobility difficulties and disabilities, as the outdoor environment promoted sensory development and regulation.

The proximity of the new site to public facilities like the Secret Garden at Doxford Park and Active Leisure at Silksworth presented additional opportunities for enhancing the curriculum.

The design of the new site aimed to make the most of natural resources within the curriculum. This included dedicated outdoor play areas, a designated Forest School and outdoor classroom areas, all enabling effective engagement with outdoor resources as part of the students’ learning experience.

Participating in outdoor learning offered numerous benefits for children with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties. They often felt more comfortable in an outdoor environment and learning outdoors presented spontaneous challenges that contributed to their growth.


As part of an impressive £45 million investment initiative, Kier Construction was selected by Sunderland City Council to undertake the construction of a state-of-the-art special educational needs (SEN) school, the Sunningdale SEN School. This transformative project aimed to provide exceptional facilities for disabled children, supporting their educational journey.

Replacing the outdated Sunningdale Primary School, the new SEN school spanned an impressive 4,000 square meters. The construction of this modern facility was part of an ambitious vision to enhance the educational environment for disabled students.

The newly developed site featured approximately 56 regular parking spaces, including four accessible bays for staff and visitors. Additionally, the project included the installation of four electric vehicle charging bays, aligning with sustainability goals.

The construction incorporated various therapy provisions, including dedicated spaces for rebound therapy, a hydrotherapy pool, sensory rooms and a soft play area. Each classroom was equipped with a storage area specifically designed to accommodate mobility equipment for students with physical disabilities.

The surrounding grounds were thoughtfully designed to provide informal play areas, expansive grass playing fields, a serene wetlands area, nature trails and a vibrant habitat area, offering students diverse opportunities for outdoor activities.

To encourage sustainable commuting practices, the development incorporated cyclist-friendly facilities, such as secure storage shelters and changing facilities complete with showers.

Kier Construction, a highly experienced company in the education sector, has successfully delivered numerous educational projects across the North East region. With a national track record of completing over one school project per week, they bring extensive expertise to the Sunningdale SEN School project. Notably, Kier recently completed the Forest Bridge School in Maidenhead, a specialised facility catering to 96 pupils with autism.

The project was procured through the North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO) framework, which serves local authorities and public sector organisations in the region, including universities and housing associations. This framework ensures a streamlined and efficient process for delivering quality projects.

In addition to the Sunningdale SEN School, Sunderland City Council has made significant investments in various other school projects. Noteworthy among these initiatives is the £5.3 million Willow Wood Primary School in Witherwack, which opened its doors in September 2021. Work is also underway for the £6.7 million Hetton Primary School, while major updates are being prepared for both Barnes and Fulwell junior schools.

The Sunningdale SEN School boasts a total floor space equivalent to approximately two football pitches, featuring spacious classrooms and an additional hall to accommodate diverse educational activities. A special steel signing event was held, allowing pupils, staff and guests to leave their mark on one of the building’s framework girders, symbolising their collective involvement in the project.

The design and management of the Sunningdale SEN School were overseen by the council’s Capital Projects team, with invaluable support from colleagues in Infrastructure and Property Services.

Construction of this exceptional facility commenced on May 17, 2021 and reached successful completion on September 2, 2022, marking a significant milestone in the journey of enhancing education for disabled children in the community.

Analysis: Site Visit

The site visit served as an opportunity for Cklip to gain in-depth insights into the layout, requirements and specific cleaning needs of the school. Their team meticulously assessed various aspects, including the architectural design, construction materials and the presence of any specialised equipment or facilities within the premises.

With great attention to detail, Cklip closely inspected the areas in need of attention, particularly the interior spaces that had undergone construction work. They meticulously documented any remaining debris, dust or other residues, ensuring that the builders clean phase would comprehensively eliminate all remnants of the construction activities, leaving the premises impeccably clean and ready for the next stage.

Furthermore, Cklip dedicated their expertise to evaluating the interior spaces nearing completion, such as classrooms, therapy rooms, common areas and administrative offices. They carefully considered the specific cleaning requirements of each area, considering factors such as flooring types, surface materials and any specialised equipment or furniture. This meticulous evaluation laid the foundation for the sparkle clean phase, allowing Cklip to select the appropriate cleaning methods, products and tools required to bring these spaces to their fullest radiance.

In addition to the interior spaces, Cklip paid equal attention to the exterior of the school building, focusing particularly on the windows. They thoroughly assessed the number, size and accessibility of the windows, as well as any architectural features that demanded special care and cleaning techniques. This diligent evaluation equipped Cklip with the necessary insights to plan and execute the external window cleaning phase with utmost precision, guaranteeing a crystal-clear view and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the building.

Throughout the site visit, Cklip maintained a collaborative approach, engaging with key stakeholders, including school administrators and the construction team. They actively sought clarification, addressing any concerns or specific requests that arose. This open communication and partnership nurtured a strong working relationship, ensuring that the cleaning services provided would not only meet but surpass expectations.

Following the site visit, Cklip diligently analysed their findings, incorporating them into a comprehensive cleaning plan.

Planning: Site Survey

In meticulous preparation for the upcoming cleaning project at the Sunningdale SEN School, our team prioritised comprehensive planning and conducted a thorough site survey. Recognising the need to ensure safety for all involved parties, particularly considering the simultaneous presence of building contractors, we implemented rigorous health and safety measures.

To establish and maintain the highest standards of safety, our team carried out extensive risk assessments and developed method statements specifically tailored to the cleaning tasks at hand. These assessments involved a meticulous evaluation of potential hazards, enabling us to identify and implement appropriate control measures to mitigate any risks. By conducting these assessments, our aim was to create a secure working environment for our cleaning operatives and all individuals present on-site.

In addition to the risk assessments and method statements, our company diligently adhered to various certifications and accreditations related to health and safety. Our cleaning operatives possessed valid CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards, serving as evidence of their competence and qualifications within the construction industry. Furthermore, our company proudly held important certifications such as CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), Safecontractor and Constructionline Gold. These certifications not only demonstrated our commitment to maintaining the highest health and safety standards but also reassured the client that our operations align with industry regulations and best practices.

The presence of these certifications and accreditations underscored our company’s unwavering dedication to upholding robust health and safety protocols. They provided confidence to our clients, affirming that our team possessed the necessary expertise, training and awareness to carry out the cleaning tasks efficiently and safely, even amidst ongoing construction activities.

Throughout the planning and site survey process, we maintained open lines of communication with both the school administration and the building contractors. This collaborative approach allowed us to synchronise our cleaning operations with the ongoing construction activities, minimising disruption and fostering a harmonious working environment. By actively engaging with all relevant stakeholders, we aimed to address any concerns or specific requirements while adhering to the project’s timeline and budget.

Our comprehensive approach, which encompassed thorough planning, risk assessments, method statements and adherence to health and safety certifications, placed the utmost importance on the well-being and safety of our operatives, the building contractors and all individuals present on-site. With our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, we instilled confidence in our clients, reaffirming our ability to deliver exceptional cleaning services while strictly adhering to industry regulations and best practices.

The successful awarding of the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning contract to Cklip underscores their expertise, meticulousness and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Armed with a profound understanding of the site, thorough planning and a collaborative mindset, Cklip is well-prepared to execute the cleaning services required for the Sunningdale SEN School, ensuring a clean, safe and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors alike.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

We are pleased to present a comprehensive overview of the implementation phase of our cleaning services at the Sunningdale SEN School, in collaboration with Kier. Over the course of four weeks, our dedicated team, consisting of four skilled operatives, two window cleaners and an experienced supervisor, meticulously executed the builders clean and sparkle clean operations.

Guided by Kier’s project timeline for each area, we strategically planned and organised our cleaning activities to ensure efficiency while minimising disruption to ongoing construction work. Our detailed cleaning plan encompassed vital spaces within the school, including the hall, classrooms, rebound therapy areas, hydrotherapy pool, sensory facilities and soft play zones.

With unwavering attention to detail, we meticulously cleaned every aspect of the interior spaces. Skirting boards, doors, frames, fixtures, light fittings, electrical sockets and switches were diligently wiped and cleaned. Glazing, including sills, frames and insulation materials, received thorough attention to achieve a flawless appearance. We took special care in cleaning kitchen cupboards and drawers, as well as removing dust and plaster residues from walls and floors. The cleanliness and polished presentation of all toilets, including cisterns, sinks and mirrors, were given meticulous consideration.

Flooring within the school received dedicated care and treatment. Our team followed a comprehensive multi-step process, beginning with vacuuming to eliminate loose debris. Hand-cleaning techniques were then employed to meticulously remove paint, plaster and glue residues. The final steps involved thorough mopping for a comprehensive clean, followed using high-quality scrubber-dryers to achieve a polished and immaculate finish.

Our scope of work extended to the school kitchen, where we executed a comprehensive builders clean and sparkle clean. Every appliance, equipment, wall and floor surface within the kitchen area underwent meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a pristine and hygienic environment.

Moving to the exterior of the school, our team employed various specialised techniques and equipment to achieve impeccable results for the windows and doors. Utilising scissor lifts, our window cleaners accessed all areas and employed traditional cleaning methods to eliminate mortar splashes and other residues. Prior to the final handover, we utilised the reach and wash system to ensure the crystal-clear appearance of all external glazing.

Throughout the implementation phase, our team adhered to stringent health and safety protocols, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and the maintenance of safe working practices. Regular communication with Kier, the school administration and other stakeholders facilitated the prompt resolution of any specific requirements or concerns, ensuring a seamless and successful execution of our cleaning services.

The dedication and expertise demonstrated by our team, coupled with meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry best practices, ensured that the builders clean, sparkle clean and external window cleaning at the Sunningdale SEN School were carried out to the highest standards. Our ongoing partnership with Kier and our commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for the students, staff and visitors of the school are reflected in our unwavering pursuit of exceptional results.

Review: Hand Over

The completion of the builders clean and sparkle clean operations by Cklip at the Sunningdale SEN School marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey towards its handover or immediate occupation. Our meticulous cleaning processes, regardless of the project’s scale and scope, have yielded exceptional results, leaving all parties involved satisfied and delighted.

Cklip was entrusted with this crucial undertaking by Kier, who had full confidence in our expertise and capabilities, recognising our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results. Our dedicated team worked diligently to ensure that the building was cleaned to the highest standards, aligning seamlessly with Kier’s timeline and expectations. By adhering to strict quality protocols and implementing comprehensive cleaning strategies, we have achieved a pristine and visually striking environment for our esteemed client.

The successful completion of the builders clean and sparkle clean operations not only met the project’s objectives but also fostered a sense of client satisfaction. The collaborative efforts between Kier and Cklip have yielded exceptional results, reflecting a partnership built on trust, reliability and a shared commitment to excellence. By delivering a meticulously cleaned and well-presented building, we have contributed to Kier’s ability to meet their handover targets and ensure a smooth transition for the client.

We invite you to explore our dedicated builders cleaning page, where you can discover more about our comprehensive solutions tailored for construction projects. If you would like to learn more about our services or schedule a free site visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our convenient online form. Our team is fully prepared to assist you and provide the professional cleaning services you require to enhance the overall quality of your development.

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