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Toner Avenue Primary School

Toner Avenue Primary School logoToner Avenue Primary School is a remarkable addition to the South Tyneside Council and the Department for Education’s portfolio of educational facilities. Situated adjacent to the existing school, this new build project stands as a testament to the commitment to providing modern and purpose-built learning environments for students. With a spacious Gross Internal Floor Area (GIFA) of 3048m2, Toner Avenue Primary School was meticulously designed to accommodate the educational needs of 460 pupils. The construction of the school was overseen by Kier, a trusted contractor renowned for their expertise in delivering high-quality educational projects. The value of this project amounted to £8.8 million, reflecting the significant investment made to ensure a state-of-the-art learning facility. The project encompassed not only the construction of the new school but also the demolition of the existing school, making way for the modern and innovative structure that now stands proudly on the site. Kier’s comprehensive approach extended beyond the building itself, encompassing both hard and soft landscaping elements. This included the development of a well-designed car park to facilitate safe and convenient access for staff, students and visitors. Toner Avenue Primary School serves as a shining example of collaboration between South Tyneside Council, the Department for Education and Kier. The completion of this project in August 2020 marked a significant milestone in the provision of quality education facilities in the region. The dedication to creating a nurturing and inspiring learning environment is evident in every aspect of Toner Avenue Primary School. The design and construction of the building, coupled with the carefully planned landscaping, have created a welcoming and engaging space for students to thrive. This modern facility will undoubtedly support the delivery of high-quality education and contribute to the academic success and well-being of the students who attend. The completion of Toner Avenue Primary School stands as a testament to the commitment of all involved to provide exceptional educational facilities that meet the evolving needs of students and educators. It serves as a beacon of progress and innovation, ensuring that the future generations in South Tyneside have access to the best possible learning environment.


Toner Avenue Primary School, located in Hebburn, is a highly esteemed educational institution managed and operated by South Tyneside Council in collaboration with The Department for Education. The client’s representative for this project is Kier, a renowned construction contractor entrusted with overseeing the school’s building project.

Cklip Commercial Cleaning has been awarded a significant contract to provide an extensive range of cleaning services at Toner Avenue Primary School. The primary objective of this engagement is to ensure that the school facilities are impeccably clean, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The specific cleaning tasks assigned to Cklip Commercial Cleaning encompass builders clean, sparkle clean, external window clean and exterior clean, all of which contribute to the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of the school premises.

To achieve the desired outcomes, Cklip Commercial Cleaning is expected to uphold stringent quality standards in all aspects of their cleaning operations. This includes using industry-leading cleaning products, employing efficient cleaning techniques and utilising state-of-the-art equipment to deliver optimal results. Additionally, the cleaning team must prioritise the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in the project by strictly adhering to relevant health and safety regulations. This includes the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the implementation of safe working practices to mitigate any potential risks or hazards.

Efficient project management and adherence to a predetermined timeline are crucial to minimise disruptions and ensure the timely completion of the cleaning project. Cklip Commercial Cleaning is expected to meticulously plan and execute their tasks, closely coordinating with Kier to maintain a harmonious workflow and achieve the project’s objectives within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Effective communication and regular reporting are essential elements for the successful execution of the cleaning tasks. Cklip Commercial Cleaning must establish and maintain open lines of communication with Kier. They should provide frequent progress updates, promptly address any concerns or issues that may arise and maintain detailed documentation of the project’s status. Moreover, they should proactively report any notable observations or recommendations related to the cleanliness, maintenance or improvement of the school premises, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and their dedication to fostering a clean, healthy and conducive learning environment for the students and staff.

By fulfilling the requirements outlined in this comprehensive brief, Cklip Commercial Cleaning will play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall cleanliness, hygiene, and aesthetics of Toner Avenue Primary School.

Their services are vital in providing a safe and welcoming learning environment for students, promoting a positive and productive atmosphere for the staff and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The successful completion of the cleaning tasks will serve as a testament to Cklip Commercial Cleaning’s professionalism, attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional and high-quality cleaning services.

Analysis: Site Visit

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements and deliverables, our team conducted a thorough site visit at Toner Avenue Primary School. This visit served as a crucial step in assessing the scope of work and establishing the necessary groundwork for a successful cleaning project. During the site visit, our experienced project managers and cleaning experts carefully examined the premises and collaborated closely with the Kier team to gather essential information.

The site visit involved a detailed assessment of the school premises, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the building’s layout, design and specific cleaning needs. Our team meticulously examined each area, including classrooms, corridors, communal spaces and external facades, taking note of any unique features or challenges that required special attention during the cleaning process. This thorough evaluation enabled us to develop a tailored cleaning strategy that would address all areas effectively and deliver exceptional results.

During the site visit, we engaged in productive discussions and negotiations with the Kier team, ensuring alignment on project expectations, timelines and deliverables. We actively sought input from the client to understand their specific cleaning requirements, considering any unique considerations or preferences. This collaborative approach allowed us to establish a strong working relationship, built on trust and effective communication, which served as a foundation for successful project execution.

After careful evaluation and consideration, Kier awarded us the contract for the builders clean, sparkle clean, external window cleaning and exterior clean. Their decision to entrust us with this important task validated our expertise and demonstrated their confidence in our ability to deliver outstanding results.

The site visit served as a critical step in our project planning process, enabling us to gather essential information, collaborate effectively with the client and tailor our cleaning approach accordingly.

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the site’s unique requirements, we were able to develop a detailed execution plan, ensuring that all aspects of the cleaning project would be addressed to the highest standards.

Planning: Site Survey

In terms of project planning, we carefully determined the duration of the cleaning assignment, which was estimated to span five weeks. This timeline allowed us to allocate the appropriate resources and plan the cleaning activities efficiently, ensuring that all tasks would be completed within the designated timeframe.

Considering the scope of work and the size of the project, we allocated a dedicated team consisting of one cleaning manager, one supervisor and four skilled cleaning operatives. This team composition was designed to optimise efficiency and productivity while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the school premises.

Throughout the planning phase, we closely collaborated with the client, Kier, to understand their specific requirements and expectations. By establishing clear lines of communication and engaging in frequent discussions, we were able to align our cleaning strategies with the overall project objectives.

This collaborative approach allowed us to tailor our cleaning methodologies and scheduling to accommodate the construction activities and ensure minimal disruption to the project’s progress.

By conducting a thorough site survey and implementing meticulous planning measures, we established a solid foundation for the successful execution of the cleaning project at Toner Avenue Primary School. Our commitment to comprehensive risk assessments, adherence to health and safety protocols and meticulous resource allocation set the stage for a smooth and efficient implementation phase.

Implementation: Works Carried Out

The implementation phase of the cleaning project at Toner Avenue Primary School involved a comprehensive range of tasks to ensure a pristine and inviting environment for students, staff and visitors. Our team meticulously carried out the assigned builders clean, sparkle clean, external window cleaning and exterior clean, in line with the specifications and requirements outlined by Kier.

The builders clean encompassed a thorough cleaning process that involved multiple areas within the school premises. Our skilled cleaning operatives meticulously vacuumed and mopped the floors and stairs, paying close attention to the removal of any paint, plaster or glue residues. Additionally, we dedicated effort to clean skirting boards, doors, frames, fixtures, light fittings, electrical sockets and switches. Every aspect of the glazing, including sills, frames and insulation materials, were meticulously cleaned to ensure a clear and polished appearance.

We also focused on the cleaning of shelving, cupboards and drawers, ensuring that they were free from any dust or debris. In the toilets, our team carried out a deep cleaning of the tilework, ensuring the removal of grout and plaster residues. Furthermore, we diligently cleaned and polished all toilet fixtures, including cisterns, sinks and mirrors.

The school kitchen received special attention during the builders clean and sparkle clean phases. We meticulously cleaned all appliances, equipment, walls and floors to ensure a hygienic and spotless environment. Our team paid close attention to detail, ensuring that every surface was thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Following the completion of the builders clean, Kier suggested that we proceed with the external window cleaning. This phase involved the use of a scissor lift to access high-level windows.

Our skilled cleaning operatives employed traditional cleaning methods, meticulously removing all mortar splashes and ensuring that the exterior glazing achieved a clear and immaculate appearance.

Once the external window cleaning was successfully accomplished and Kier had completed all necessary snagging tasks, we commenced the sparkle clean of the entire building. This phase included cleaning brand new school furniture, such as desks, storage units, cabinets and shelving. Our team worked diligently, starting on the first floor and meticulously progressing to the ground floor, ensuring that every aspect of the interior space was thoroughly cleaned and presented at its best.

Prior to the final handover, we undertook additional measures to enhance the exterior appearance of the school. This included jet washing the exterior tarmac, effectively removing any dirt or grime accumulated over time. Moreover, we utilised the reach and wash system to clean all external glazing, ensuring a polished and pristine finish.

The implementation phase involved a dedicated and skilled team of cleaning professionals who executed each task with precision and attention to detail. Through our comprehensive cleaning approach, we ensured that Toner Avenue Primary School was transformed into a clean and welcoming environment, ready for the enjoyment and use of students and staff.

Review: Hand Over

The handover of Toner Avenue Primary School marked a significant milestone, as the comprehensive cleaning project reached its successful conclusion. Every area of the school was meticulously cleaned, inspected and signed off, allowing for the smooth transition back to the client.

Kier, the client, expressed their utmost satisfaction with the exceptional results achieved by Cklip Commercial Cleaning. The thoroughness and attention to detail displayed by our cleaning teams left a lasting impression on Kier. They were particularly impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of our team management, ensuring that all tasks were completed in a timely manner without compromising on quality.

Throughout the project, maintaining open and effective communication with Kier was a key priority for Cklip. Our management team consistently facilitated clear lines of communication, fostering a strong working relationship and enabling prompt and efficient decision-making. This streamlined approach contributed to the overall success of the project, ensuring that all expectations were met and exceeded.

The Toner Avenue Primary School project presented unique challenges that demanded constant supervision and management.

Our experienced team skillfully navigated these challenges and demonstrated adaptability in providing a flexible approach to the cleaning service. In response to additional requests that arose at short notice, our team readily adjusted their plans and schedules, accommodating the evolving needs of the project.

The success of the Toner Avenue Primary School project has further reinforced the trust and confidence that Kier has placed in Cklip Commercial Cleaning. As a result, we have been engaged to provide our services on another project, the Ponteland School & Leisure Centre. This new opportunity underscores our reputation for excellence and our ability to consistently deliver outstanding cleaning results.

If you are seeking professional builders cleaning solutions, we invite you to explore our dedicated builders cleaning page. There, you will find detailed information about our comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of construction projects. To learn more or to arrange a free site visit, please contact us using our convenient online form. We look forward to discussing your requirements and demonstrating how our expertise can exceed your expectations.

"We are delighted to deliver this amazing new school for the children in Hebburn, we strive to create environments that offer an enriching and supportive space for pupils to learn."
Phil Mcdowell
Operations Director, Kier Building North East